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Procedure to Remove Excess Skin or Fat on the Head?

I've been told that the back of my head along with the top of has rolls like hotdogs. Are there any procedures out there for me? Thanks. READ MORE

What is the Solution for Fat Above Buttocks?

I am looking for a solution to this fat just above my buttocks and if taking enjection for my butt will change anything. I have lost 4 pregnancy at 3... READ MORE

Do Fat Cheeks Causing Depressions Need Surgery?

I am a 21-year-old male. I would like to know whether my case would require surgery or just weight loss. I am not huge, but I do have a couple of... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery to Remove Dark Shadow Around Mouth?

Hi, I just turned 20 about 2 weeks ago. I have a dark shadow around my mouth, and it makes me look like a monkey. I hate how it looks and it concerns... READ MORE

Avoid Surgery for Armpit Fat Through Exercise?

What exercises can I do to get rid of armpit area fat and avoid plastic surgery? READ MORE

Procedure for Fat Rolls on Neck?

I have a problem with my neck fat. To give you a visual, just imagine Kimora Lee Simmons' neck fat and that's what I have. I've had this condition all... READ MORE

Procedure to Remove Fat from Elbow Up?

I use weights but they are not doing the trick; from my elbow up I have fat hanging down and I want it removed. How do I get this done and what the... READ MORE

Is Plastic Surgery the Only Way to Correct Asymmetrical Face?

I am a rather skinny young man (5'7", 120 lbs, age 21). The right side of my face contains noticeably more fat and seems to droop a bit. Is this... READ MORE

Non-surgical-options for Thickness Around Neck?

What if I am just recently 40, in great physical shape (work-out six days a week), and have a thickness around the neck, under my chin? Are there... READ MORE

How Will Surgery After Weight Loss Affect Surgery After Pregnancy?

I'm 18 and am getting a lapband soon and after I lose weight (goal 100 pounds). I will need plastic surgery to have a body I feel good about and like... READ MORE

Procedures for Excess Fat and Multiple Surgery Scars?

What can be done with excess fat and multiple scars from C-section, appendix surgery, and gall bladder surgery? READ MORE

Fatty Deposit In My Thigh. Can Plastic Surgery Help the Numbness?

A few years ago I fell and hurt my thigh quite badly with swelling and bruising. I now have a fatty deposit confirmed by MRI. This is causing numbness... READ MORE

I have a roll of fat on the back of my head that I would like to have removed.

I would like to know where I could go to have this fat removed from the back of my head. READ MORE

Fat burning capsules after plastic surgery

I had a plastic surgery on 18 September 2015 and want to resume taking fat burning capsules. Can i resume taking fat burning capsules it would be safe... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done about fat/thick fingers?

I am a woman...but I loathe my fat fingers. I am not overweight- that's just how my fingers are. Is there anything that can be done? READ MORE

What is the best non-surgical fat removal treatment for someone with small stubborn fat deposits in the upper-arm region?

My arms are stubbornly housing a fat deposit that you can pinch with 2 inches, and have been turned down by a surgeon for regular liposuction. He... READ MORE

Poor health with no diagnosis, are plastic surgery & general anesthesia safe for me?

I don't drink & smoke, fairy good diet & activity level, however last two years my health has turned upside down. From having healthy looking youthful... READ MORE

Can you prevent fat embolism?

In recent news, I heard of a woman, 32 I believe, in Miami who had previously had cosmetic procedures and then died of a stroke when she went in for a... READ MORE

Is there anyone who can help me find a doctor who does cosmetic hip implants and where?

I have been doing research to see if i can find a doctor who does cosmetic hip implant surgery. I haven't had any luck. I don't want to do a fat... READ MORE

Can you recommend the best type of procedures for multiple surgeries?

Hello.. I am 28 years old and the mother of two. After my second daughter was born I immeadiately began working out to get my body back in shape. Two... READ MORE

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