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Procedure to Remove Excess Skin or Fat on the Head?

I've been told that the back of my head along with the top of has rolls like hotdogs. Are there any procedures out there for me? Thanks. READ MORE

How is an ENT Different from an Otolaryngologist?

 Does an OTO have the same training as an ENT and are they certified by any cosmetic boards;or Plastic surgery boards? Please explain the... READ MORE

What Surgery Makes the Eyes Bigger?

I was wondering if there are any procedures to to make eyes bigger. READ MORE

Fake or Real Plastic Surgery Photos?

What are tips to make sure the plastic surgery pictures, before-afters, I see are real. I have worries that fakes and retouching will hide the truth! READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgery Help my Face Look More Feminine?

A lot of people can't tell if I'm a man or woman, and I'm a woman. What would make my face look more feminine? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Forehead Shape from Pointed to Flat?

If your forehead is pointed, is there any way to reduce it so it is flat? READ MORE

Cost and Healing for Plastic Surgery to Change Facial Structure?

How is changing of the facial bone structure though plastic surgery done? Can surgery change your jaw, and cheek bones? Also how much would it cost... READ MORE

What Could Be the Risks in Temple Augmentation?

What are the risks of temple augmentation using an implant or bone paste/hydroxyapatite? Is a large incision made coronal or small in the hairline? READ MORE

D.O. Vs M.D. - Are They Both Qualified to Do Cosmetic Surgery?

Does a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) have the same qualifications to do cosmetic procedures as a Medical Doctor (M.D.)? Does it matter which... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Be Great at Both Face and Body Procedures?

Do plastic surgeons tend to specialize in doing body procedures versus face procedures? Can someone realistically be great at both? I want to have a... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery for Asymmetric Facial Features

I've always noticed an off balance of my left eye and nostril. It is very evident in photos, especially when I smile, the left eye looks much smaller... READ MORE

Am I Getting Work Done for the Right Reasons?

There is a recent article i read about plastic surgery....said many people get surgery with unrealistic expectations for results and without realizing... READ MORE

Face Appears Lopsided After Cosmetic Procedures

The right side of my face is so different than the left. My surgeon who recently did 3 interventions on me said there wasn't anything that could be... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rihanna's Facial Bone Structure Thru Surgery?

If so, how much would it cost and how much time would it take to heal? Can I also get the shape of her eyes? Will it have anything with my eyelashes? READ MORE

When Do Plastic Surgeons Draw the Line?

In light of the recent media coverage concerning the numerous plastic surgeries done on a particular young actress, I am curious to know how most... READ MORE

Water Jet Lipo for Havesting Stem Cells for Cosmetic Surgery?

I would like to have some work done on my breast, face, and backside. Interested in the stem cell fill for under my eyes and to plump up by cheeks,... READ MORE

Tissue Clay for Use in Plastic Surgeries?

I found a website that uses Avitene tissue clay to augment bone or soft tissue. Why have I never come across this before, is it not used anymore? READ MORE

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