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What Surgery Makes the Eyes Bigger?

I was wondering if there are any procedures to to make eyes bigger. READ MORE

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Can Fix my Asymmetrical Face?

The right side of my face is fairly different in size to the left side. Pretty much everything is asymmetrical. Eyes, ears, cheeks, etc. I am... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Sunken Eyeballs?

A few years ago I had discoloration on my face and was told to use a steroid cream on my skin to alleviate the problem. For some reason I decided to... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery That Lifts the Corner of the Eyes?

I heard about a surgery that elevates the eyes like a doll (the corners). It's in the temple area. Do you know the name of this procedure or this is... READ MORE

Why Can't Hypothyroidism Patients Have Surgery for Puffy Eyes?

I have hypothyroidism and have always had a little eye puffiness. However, now it is extreme. I have read patients with hypothyroidism can't have the... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Facial Asymmetry Caused by Bell's Palsy?

When I was born, the doctor paralysed my face with forceps. I had Bell's palsy for over a month and as a result, my face is now very asymmetrical. One... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Enlarge Eyes with Plastic Surgery?

I have quite small, deep set eyes. Would it be possible to make them appear larger to a significant degree with surgery? I would really love almost... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Lighten the Whites of my Eyes?

I am African American. The whites of my eyes are brownish (only the part exposed to the air). Underneath my lids, the whites are really white. ... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Facial Asymmetry?

I have a bad asymmetry problem in my face, eyes, especially in my mouth. It is bad to the point that one side of my mouth moves completely in a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rihanna's Facial Bone Structure Thru Surgery?

If so, how much would it cost and how much time would it take to heal? Can I also get the shape of her eyes? Will it have anything with my eyelashes? READ MORE

Procedure to Make Eye Shape Almond?

I don't like the shape of my eyes. I've noticed that when my eyes settle into a relaxed expression they tend to look somewhat sleepy. I don't like the... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Both Eyes Symmetrical?

My left eye appears larger than my right. It is very noticible in photos. Is there a surgery to correct this? Could there be an underlying medical... READ MORE

I wanted to know if there was anyway to reduce the appearance of the asymmetry of my eyes. (photos)

It appears to me as though there is a slight difference in the height and depth between the eyes. I don't mind some asymmetry but this is very... READ MORE

Weight Loss and Tear Trough Hollows

I am a 30 year old female and have always been thin. Three years ago I became very ill and went from 95 pounds to 83 pounds within 3 weeks. Since... READ MORE

Who is a Good Candidate for a Coral Eye Implant?

My husband had an eye accident in childhood. The eye was "drained", and latter on a plastic prosthesis mimicking the appearance of the other... READ MORE

Is 1 Millimeter Eye Widening Possible to Make Eyes Seem Closer Together?

Hi, I am asian , but I have normal eyes .I want to know is there any way to widen eyes (not eyeball) 1 millimeter from inner edges . so my eyes seem... READ MORE

Cranioplastic PLUS Oculoplastic Surgery?

What kind of surgeon specializes in BOTH the brow bone/orbital rim as well as the actual eyes & eyelids? My understanding is that cranioplastic... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Change the Color of Your Eyes?

My daughter has brown eyes and has been told that see could change the colour of her eyes. READ MORE

How to Fix a Smaller Eye in a Baby with Hemifacial Microsomia

My baby is 2 months old. She has hemifacial microsomia. The orbit in the affected side is smaller, thus the right eye is smaller than left. Is there... READ MORE

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