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What Would You Recommend for Loose Inner Thighs and Jelly Legs?

My legs have never been firm or toned since I know myself. I'm 37 now and want to see them good looking for once in my life before I have babies.... READ MORE

Can I Still Be Active After Calf Muscle Reduction?

I have really thick calves, it looks like I got cankles but I don't. I know my calves are bulky due to my muslces. I want to reduce my calf size... READ MORE

Can Exercise Help Swelling Go Away Faster?

Can light exercise help improve the rate of recovery from surgery? It seems logical because it boosts the immune system, improves circulation and I... READ MORE

What are the risks involved with calf augmentation? (Photo)

I'm petite with thicker thighs and skinny unshapely calves. i am considering calf implants but I'm concerned about the risk and success rate of such... READ MORE

After having childen I "let myself go" and now I want to look good. Should I have surgery? Which areas should I work on? (Photo)

I specifically want to know should I diet and exercise or get the surgery ? And what areas would I need to work on ! READ MORE

My belly looks exactly like a "B" from the side. Is this normal ? How do I get rid of it? (photos)

It cuts right through my belly button and I have two halves the top and bottom and I can't wear tight tops because it then looks weird and crop tops... READ MORE

Can I Hang on a Bar After a Recent Rhinoplasty?

I am 15 years old and had a rhinoplasty 18 days ago. i hang on a bar daily for 10 minutes. can you please tell me when will i be able to do this? i... READ MORE

If I have stretched out oblique muscles from pregnancy, can that be fixed with exercise or can it only be fixed with surgery?

Went on a consult with several plastic surgeons and 2 of them said I have stretched out oblique muscles as well a diastasis recti. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Can uncircumcised penis that's small grow from exercises? If so what's my best choice for results? (Photo)

Flaccid maybe under an inch , at full election looks around 4" . Uncircumcised penises this small have the ability to grow stretch or develop bigger?... READ MORE

How can I lengthen my torso? Are there any exercises that I can do? Should I tell my doctor?

Hi, I am a 5'-11'' male and I am almost 16 years old. One problem that I've always had is that my torso has always been really small as compared to my... READ MORE

Can Prolonged Swelling Affect the Final Outcome?

Can prolonged swelling from constantly exercising, having meals high in salt, etc affect the final outcome, such as by contributing to more scar tissue? READ MORE

How to fix my body? I want to build a nice body because I hate my body and cant accept me. (No surgery) (photo)

My body is uneven, my clavicule is uneven(not broken), my shoulder is uneven and hurts when i do shoulder exercises, i have my left rib protuding more... READ MORE

My head seems to come a lot further out then my body, it gives me a hunchback. (photos)

 It has been like this ever since I can remember. I have been trying to do exercises to improve it but I think maybe it's to far along to be... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the hipbone through cosmetic surgery?

6ft skinny male with broad shoulders, slim waist, but also wide hips. My hips are wide because of a wide hipbone, so exercise is somewhat limiting,... READ MORE

Asymmetrical deformity of my left rib cage/chest wall. Is there an aesthetical correction? (photos)

My left rib and chest wall either from birth or a serious trauma in my early infant hood deformed my chest wall. At my age, any cardiovascular... READ MORE

Need advise, what's the best plastic suegery to address my saggy back and my arms ? (photos)

I have lost 100 lbs through excersise and dieting but now I'm left with sagging skin. I work out 5 days a week and do weight training aswell. Looks... READ MORE

Can a major pec be repaired after 8 years i assume its completely torn loose as it is still balled up in my chest right side?

I had an injury from a fall back in late 2008 i was fat 313lbs fell grabed railing and apparently pulled the tendon off the bone (my laman assumption)... READ MORE

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