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Would It Be Odd to Buy Ur Surgeon a Gift to Say Thank You?

Is it okay to give ur surgeon a gift to say thank u if ur very pleased with their work? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Etiquette: Post-procedure Compliments

After someone you know has undergone plastic surgery, should you let on that you know they had work done, just say that they look great, or say... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Ethics: Would You Go to Your Child's Career Day?

A plastic surgeon in Virginia attended his child's career day, and let kids feel some breast implants (just the implant, not in a patient :) )... READ MORE

Should Doctor Return $250 Consult Fee if He Turned Me Down for Surgery?

I saw a NYC park ave. doctor for a rhinoplasty consult. He charged me a $250 consult fee but turned me down for surgery because I asked too many... READ MORE

Fake Pictures on Plastic Surgeon Websites?

I'm very interested in going to a plastic surgeon, but I'm suspicious of their before and after photos. How can I verify that these were actually... READ MORE

Bridalplasty -- Is It Appropriate That a Board Certified (ABPS / ASPS) Surgeon Be on Such a TV Show?

Bridalplasty on E! TV has concluded it's run, and according to two articles on, this "Contest" television show has now... READ MORE

Would You Broadcast a Live Cosmetic Surgery Procedure?

A clinic in China had a live web broadcast of a breast augmentation. The clinic director said "The live broadcast was an attempt to give the... READ MORE

How Can I Be Sure of a Cosmetic Clinic's Honesty?

I am really shocked by the number of fake information and advertising provided by some medical cosmetic clinics, where their before and after pictures... READ MORE

Is There a Limit to What a "Good" Surgeon Will Do for a Patient?

I consulted w/ a ABPS certified surgeon with excellent references recently. He was on the top of my list until I saw pics of one of his other patients... READ MORE

Are Gag Orders Ethical, Nonetheless Legal?

I have seen plastic surgeons that require you--at the consultation--to sign a form that effectively grants the PS the IP rights to whatever you say... READ MORE

To what extent should a surgeon draw a patient's attention in a consult to flaws they hadn't noticed?

I am interested to know whether surgeons think it is okay to point out issues the patient wasn't consulting about during an initial consult? I can see... READ MORE

Ethics - Medical vs. Moral? Professional vs. Personal Integrity? - Would love to hear the surgeon's point of view.

Medical ethics can vary from moral ethics - in terms of legal definition. Most docs are honest, exhibit high integrity & on the rare occasion they... READ MORE

I suspect doctor is covertly video recording conversations. Why would anyone do this? Does Hippa matter?

I suspect surgeon is covertly video recording conversations without my permission.I am in Ca.I do not think this is ethical .I was tipped off.What... READ MORE

Where Are the Guidelines for Ethics Written Down for Plastic Surgeons?

My daughter‘s surgeon "trained" another surgeon during her surgery without her permission. (I found out from the office staff.) If it... READ MORE

Is it ethical of a Dr. to continue operating while experiencing personal, professional, financial, legal & mental health issues?

I feel and look like I have experienced horrific results from what I feel is a VERY BOTCHED breast/body surgery. I recently discovered the... READ MORE

Does a doctor need consent for before and after photos on plastic surgeon websites?

My plastic surgeon posted my before and after photo to their website! My face does not show but it is my naked body. A disfigurement was being... READ MORE

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