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Would It Be Odd to Buy Ur Surgeon a Gift to Say Thank You?

Is it okay to give ur surgeon a gift to say thank u if ur very pleased with their work? READ MORE

Offensive to Consult with Multiple Plastic Surgeons?

Do you recommend your patients get a consultation with another surgeon? If they do, are you offended? I had that situation recently and the initial... READ MORE

Do Doctors and Nurses Gossip About Their Patients?

Let's face it.All humans are flawed. Wanted to know if it is actually common practice for doctors/nurses to gossip/discuss about their patients.... READ MORE

How to deal with angry doctors?

Some times during consultation the doctors appear angry or unhelpful and rude. What is the best way to deal with it? Can you walk out without paying?... READ MORE

Is a South American Doctor More Qualified?

I read on the internet that South American doctors are more advanced than american or european doctors. Why would that be? I know that in SA culture... READ MORE

Media & Plastic Surgeons

Do you think plastic surgeons who go on talk shows or reality shows do it to gain fame and advertise their work? Are these doctors more talented in... READ MORE

Do Doctors Ever Consider Trade Offers?

I own a company specializing in photography and graphic design. I would love to work out a trade deal to assist a doctor with their marketing in... READ MORE

My belly looks exactly like a "B" from the side. Is this normal ? How do I get rid of it? (photos)

It cuts right through my belly button and I have two halves the top and bottom and I can't wear tight tops because it then looks weird and crop tops... READ MORE

Can somebody tell me if I'm in danger with a dr. that has had sanctions? His license was revoked in another state.

Negligent acts and incompetence,Failing to maintain adequate records for conducting unauthorized and un-consented human experimentation on a... READ MORE

Is It Normal for a Doctor to Visit NYC for Consults and Perform Surgery in His Main Office in Florida?

People have told me that its suspicious that he brings in customers from other states. I looked in to it, he has excellent reviews, hundreds of before... READ MORE

What does the abbreviation ACAPOO references to on doctors notes?

What does the abbreviation ACAPOO mean on Doctors notes? I have seen it a couple of times and can not find an answer anywhere. Thanks READ MORE

Does it matter if my surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?

Does it matter if they are a member? I'm looking into getting a breast augmentation and looked up the doctor that did my consultation and didn't find... READ MORE

Is it illegal for a surgeon in the Dominican Republic to fill out my leave of absence request for work?

I have paid my deposit of $500.00 and asked my surgeon to fill out my leave of absence papers required for my work. Although her assistant said this... READ MORE

What type of doctor or procedure would I need to straighten my fingers and fingernails? (photos)

Hi! I have three crooked fingers and two crooked fingernails. What type of surgeon would I need to see and what possible procedures can fix this?... READ MORE

What is the difference between American board certified and Mexican board certified?

I am looking at going to see Dr. Irving Rodriguez in March and I have just noticed he is not on the American board certified website but he is on the... READ MORE

How do cosmetic surgeons obtain medical background from their patients?

Do cosmetic surgeons get medical information about a patient thru the patients medical provider before getting a procedure done?How do cosmetic... READ MORE

Has any of the doctors here used an internet company to manage your patients' reviews of the services they received?

I am curious if any of the doctors on realself use a ratings internet company to manage their patients reviews of the service & outcome received &... READ MORE

My doctor's certification (photo)

So i look up her certification and yes she has one but it saids that it needs to be renew every 10th years ok fine that will be like in another week... READ MORE

I got insurance approval for an upper chest reduction. Can I switch doctors? I want to go to a different surgeon. Will it be OK?

Looking to switch surgeons got approved already by my surgeon but I want to switch Doctor's what are my options I have Humana Medicare and it is for a... READ MORE

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