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Is Rib Removal Dangerous?

I'm a large framed girl and short(5'0) I diet and exercise a lot but I can't get thinner and I still look wide(especially around the... READ MORE

Does Bulimia Make It Any Riskier to Have Plastic Surgery?

I'm specifically concerned about anesthesia issues, not the stitches that could be obviously be damaged by repeated vomitting. READ MORE

Do most surgeons perform surgery in-house? Is it dangerous?

Is it safe for surgeon to perform surgery inside their clinic? A surgeon has told me that surgeons who doesnt perform sugery at a outpatient clinic or... READ MORE

Can somebody tell me if I'm in danger with a dr. that has had sanctions? His license was revoked in another state.

Negligent acts and incompetence,Failing to maintain adequate records for conducting unauthorized and un-consented human experimentation on a... READ MORE

Surgery to reduce foot size?

I have at least 50 pounds to lose (obese) and I heard that when you lose weight your feet shrink. I am size 11 for 5ft4 and finding shoes very hard... READ MORE

What are the risks and price? (Photo)

My left rib sticks out an abnormal amount so if I got a procedure would I only need to get that one out? Also what would be the price and is it... READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum. Will it be a danger to do vigorous training?

I have haller index of 3.1 pectus excavatum with left lower costal cartilages are noted to indent the right ventricle of heart. I'm currently serving... READ MORE

I've been on the fence about a couple different procedures for years now. The main thing holding me back is fear of anesthesia.

Is it dangerous to be "put under?" Or is this an irrational fear? I'm 30 year old female, in very good health, with no existing medical conditions.... READ MORE

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