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Fake or Real Plastic Surgery Photos?

What are tips to make sure the plastic surgery pictures, before-afters, I see are real. I have worries that fakes and retouching will hide the truth! READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery Safe While on Lexapro?

I take 10mg of Lexapro daily. Is is safe to have cosmetic surgery while on Lexapro? READ MORE

Cosmetic Procedure for Crooked Jaw and Nose?

What procedure would I need to fix my crooked jaw and crooked nose? It does not cause me breathing problems. READ MORE

I want to get my toes straightened. Would this be considered cosmetic? (Photo)

What type of surgery would i need and how long would recovery be? Would this be considered cosmetic? READ MORE

D.O. Vs M.D. - Are They Both Qualified to Do Cosmetic Surgery?

Does a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) have the same qualifications to do cosmetic procedures as a Medical Doctor (M.D.)? Does it matter which... READ MORE

Suggestions for Plastic Surgery Makeover?

I am considering a plastic surgery make over. What can I do with this face? I am considering Plastic surgery very seriously. I will travel to a good... READ MORE

Is Hair Loss Normal After Having Cosmetic Surgery?

I had an upper and lower eyelid lift under deep sedation(not general anesthesia) in June of this year. I love my results!! However, about a month... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Areas of Expertise?

If a Plastic Surgeon offers several procedures, how do you know which ones they are most proficient at? Would it be the ones they are doing most?... READ MORE

Am I Getting Work Done for the Right Reasons?

There is a recent article i read about plastic surgery....said many people get surgery with unrealistic expectations for results and without realizing... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery Gift Giving?

My mom is in her late 50s, and her age is really starting to show. Is it appropriate to give cosmetic surgery or treatments as a gift? Do doctors or... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Skinny Ankles?

I have very skinny, bony ankles. What kind of cosmetic surgery can I do? How long will it last? Generally, what are the pros and cons of having... READ MORE

Face Appears Lopsided After Cosmetic Procedures

The right side of my face is so different than the left. My surgeon who recently did 3 interventions on me said there wasn't anything that could be... READ MORE

Waiting Time from Consultation to Actual Cosmetic Surgery?

How long is the wait from the consultation till the actual surgery? I have my consultation in October which is ages away and I was just wondering how... READ MORE

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery - Does This Mean Board Certification?

A Doctor Who is a Board Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Does That Means He is a Certified Plastic Surgeon? READ MORE

Should I Get Cosmetic Surgery?

I am really unsure about whether i should be getting cosmetic surgery.  its not a money thing. its really just emotional. lots of women i know... READ MORE

Is a Catheter Used in Sedation Plastic Surgery?

I'm considering plastic surgery and have been advised to have a sedation. My question, is it normal to use a catheter while sedated having... READ MORE

Will insurance cover cosmetic surgery if I have a severe depression because of my appearance?

Will insurance cover cosmetic surgery if I have a severe case of body dysmorphic disorder and depression because of my appearance? READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery Advice Outside the US?

What advice would you give to people outside the USA considering surgical cosmetic procedures. How do we decide what doctor to opt for? READ MORE

Are These Multiple Cosmetic Procedures on Face and Body Safe?

Can all this be done in one surgery: Face: under eye surgery, Neck lift, Revision RhinoplastyBody: Liposuction to upper and lower belly and back READ MORE

How Do Plastic Surgeons Address Patients with Panic Attacks?

What do you do if you are performing plastic surgery on a patient that sometimes experiences anxiety/panic attacks? How did you deal with this? READ MORE

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