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Consultation Fees

I want to interview a few doctors but how expensive will the consultation be? READ MORE

How do I find out how many procedures a surgeon has performed?

It's often advised to find a surgeon who has performed hundreds of procedures each year, but how does one get that information? If it's a matter of... READ MORE

How Much Does Labs for CBC, PT, PTT, Basic Metabolic Panel, and Serum Qualitative Pregnancy Test Cost Without Insurance?

Or does insurance cover blood testing for (cosmetic) rhinoplasty? Also my surgery is in June in California. I've already bought plane tickets.... READ MORE

Waiting Time from Consultation to Actual Cosmetic Surgery?

How long is the wait from the consultation till the actual surgery? I have my consultation in October which is ages away and I was just wondering how... READ MORE

Should Doctor Return $250 Consult Fee if He Turned Me Down for Surgery?

I saw a NYC park ave. doctor for a rhinoplasty consult. He charged me a $250 consult fee but turned me down for surgery because I asked too many... READ MORE

What to Do After Conflicting Advice from Plastic Surgery Consultations?

One PS says I need lipo of the trunk area in addition to my TT, while the other said it was not necessary. Also, I have about 25 lbs to lose before... READ MORE

What Do I Need to Bring to my Consultation?

I have my consultation on Tuesday; besides my list of questions is there anything else that I should bring? READ MORE

How Honest Should I Be with My Doctor?

I've had a tummy tuck with lipo of my arms, back, stomach, inner and outer thighs and butt. My husband thinks my butt is getting big again. I... READ MORE

What is the difference between the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery?

I have had consultations with two different surgeons and liked both of them. But one is ABPS certified, and the other is ABCS certified. (I am leaning... READ MORE

How to Determine the Best Plastic Surgery Procedure for the Nose?

How can I know the best plastic surgery procedure for my nose? What shape is best? Is there a software program that can draw the shape of my new nose... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Sign Financial Responsibility Form Prior to Agreeing to Plastic Surgery?

The surgeon's office consultant said I wasn't agreeing to the surgery but I was signing to understand the terms of payment. The form stated... READ MORE

Is it normal for a doctor to take a picture of you with their iphone?

I had a doctor take pictures even when they are just doing consultation and not doing my surgery since they do not have the skills. They also asked me... READ MORE

Asking Questions During Consultion and Tips on Choosing a Surgeon?

I have a consultation with Dr.H in OP KS and I'm trying to get informed before my consultation but don't want to insult him how do you find out things... READ MORE

Dr. Not Wanting to Answer Questions About Surgery. Should I Switch Surgeons?

Had 6 questions for surgeon before explant/implant suregery. I couldn't think of any questions while I was at the consultation. I went back to the... READ MORE

After my Consultation, What's the Process Up Until the Surgery?

After my consultation, what will happen and how long will I have to wait till my surgery? Will I need to wait several days for blood tests etc or can... READ MORE

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