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Is "Board Certification" the Same Thing for ABMS Vs ABPS?

There is a on-going argument in my city between physicians who are certified in another field (ENT)through ABMS and physicians who are certified by... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Plastic Surgery Organizations?

What is the difference between the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? Of the 3 consultations... READ MORE

What is "Interrupted Sutures" or "Running Sutures"?

What is "Interrupted Sutures" or "Running Sutures"? READ MORE

Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Vs. ISAPS

Hello All, Im seriously considering surgery abroad and wanted information on the difference with the above info. I found 1 doctor approved by both,... READ MORE

Are Plastic Surgery Rates Different by Region

It seems that the price for cosmetic surgeries are consistently very high in Washington DC.  Is it worth my time to seek and search out different... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon for Alar Base Reduction?

For an alar base(alarplasty) reduction? Will that be a big difference or not? Which one has better results? Both have the same skill levels on that... READ MORE

Is South Korea more advanced?

Is South Korea more advanced in terms of plastic surgery? They do things like v-line shaping and complex procedures that make people look radically... READ MORE

Anesthesia Costs For Different Types?

I am purely just curious but if you are a surgeon who offers both general and twilight anesthesia, do you charge higher for one? READ MORE

Why is the cost for plastic surgery in the U.S so much more expensive than in other countries?

Received quotes from 2 doctors in Baltimore, MD (1quoted 13,000, and 1 $18,000) for mommy makeover. Same procedures in DR quoted 6,500 and 5,400. Why ... READ MORE

Whats the BIG difference between COSMETIC surgeon and PLASTIC surgeon ?

Which is better to choose ? Doesn't COSMETIC surgeons require 300 cases to graduate ...with the primary focus on cosmetic results. While PLASTIC... READ MORE

Rephrasing my question, what's the better choice for shoulders to have that broad look, fat grafting or implants?

I'm a male and I have some what a narrow frame, but my shoulders aren't that bad and they aren't bony but i want them to be reshaped a little bit into... READ MORE

More doctors certified in plastic surgery doing cosmetic procedures than board certified cosmetic doctors, why is that ?

I just learned that Platic Surgery, and cosmetic surgery are not the same. Plastic Surgery deals more with reconstructive; like after an injury.... READ MORE

Difference between cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeon?

I feel like I need to ask this question. Ive searched EVERYWHERE and no one seems to cover this or talk about this. Everyone just says make sure you... READ MORE

What physical traits are considered attractive?

Is it possible to transform a plain looking woman into "Maxim" model, the ones depicted on racy men's magazines? Which do you think holds more value,... READ MORE

American board certified and Canadian board certified - what's the difference?

I had a consult with a doc that is certified in Canada (where he completed his schooling) but he's not a American board certified surgeon. He is a... READ MORE

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