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Can I Have Multiple Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Done at Once?

I'm interested in getting 3 procedures: Breast Augmentation, Chin implant and Liposuction. When I mentioned this to my surgeon he told me that it's... READ MORE

Procedure for Off-center Chin and Asymmetric Jawline?

My chin is off centre and my jaw line looks asymmetric. I'm wondering what can be done to fix this, as my jaw aches and I can't open my mouth very... READ MORE

Facial Restructuring Possible and Realistic?

I'm Asian and I'm not happy with my face and I want it to be restructured. I want to have a better jaw contouring and facial balance, and more... READ MORE

Okay to Have Plastic Surgery While on Low Dose Accutane?

I am considering taking a very low dose of Accutane for my overly oily skin and occasional breakouts. I have already been on Accutane 3 times and now... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Facial Asymmetry Caused by Bell's Palsy?

When I was born, the doctor paralysed my face with forceps. I had Bell's palsy for over a month and as a result, my face is now very asymmetrical. One... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Way to Improve Facial Symmetry?

What procedure would be best for improving the symmetry in the lower half of my face (jaw, chin, etc.)? Preferably just one procedure. READ MORE

Price for Multiple Surgeries?

Nose job, lip reduction, chin implant, eyelid surgery, forehead reduction by an inch--How much would all of these procedures cost?  READ MORE

Procedure to Improve Neck and Chin Area After Weight Loss?

I'm 40 years old that has had a horrible neck/chin line since my early 20s. I lost a lot of weight and still have this problem. From this picture,... READ MORE

How to Change the Full Lip Shape and Frown Appearance?

Hi, I would like to change the appearance of my full lips that frown down. Also, my chin that is not smooth and has a round 'ball' look in the... READ MORE

Reconsidering Surgeon Due to Suspected Retouched Photos?

I finally found a plastic surgeon who I liked. However, I recently noticed some pixelation along the contours of the "before and after"... READ MORE

Risks of Jaw Enhancement?

I am interested in getting rhinoplasty surgery done. Most surgeons that I have seen try to convince me to bring my jaw forward as well as to refine... READ MORE

Non-surgical-options for Thickness Around Neck?

What if I am just recently 40, in great physical shape (work-out six days a week), and have a thickness around the neck, under my chin? Are there... READ MORE

Male Makeover - Order of Procedures?

I'm going to get the following procedures in May. Buccal fat ( 50% extraction), Chin implant, lipo under chin, slight lip reduction, Cheek... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Stiff Lump on Lower Lip Down to Chin?

Due to a recent car crash, I had a stiff lump on part of my lower lip down to the chin. It makes speaking, eating, and drinking a bit difficult... READ MORE

Cheek and Jaw

I am considering cosmetic treatments in my jaw and cheek. I am concerned because I have chubby cheeks but no cheekbone so I have big, flat cheeks and... READ MORE

What is Wrong with This Face?

What do you think of this face? What's wrong? Is it a hanging columela? or does it need a chin implant? READ MORE

What's the best surgery for my jaw? (photos)

I have a rounded face. I would like 2 slim the bottom part of my face. I don't have fat in my neck or under my chin as I've had liposuctioned. I had a... READ MORE

Stitches Removed After 6 Days - Wound Still Open

My 3 yr old split open under her chin when stiches were removed 6 days later (today) the wound was still quite open. what can i do to minimize the damage? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce and Reshape Your Jaw and Chin

The bottom of my jaw and chin are quite long and wide is it possible to reshape and reduce them READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry

I was just wondering if there is a way to fix my jaw without invasive surgery? and if a chin implant will be able to camouflage it? i did have surgery... READ MORE

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