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Treatment Options for Sunken Chest?

Hello. I don't know what it's called, but I have some sort of a "hole" or a "gap" in my chest that really bothers me. Is there... READ MORE

Can Post Surgical Stress Cause Anxiety?

A week and a half ago, i had Power Assisted Liposuction. For the past 5 days, i have experienced panic/anxieity. Is this normal? I am a 32 year old... READ MORE

Procedure to Improve Deep Wrinkles and Loose Skin on Chest?

I have deep wrinkles and loose skin on my chest (I am female). If I relax while sitting the skin looks like an old lady. I am a young 62 year old.... READ MORE

What Are Advantages of Porex Implants to Correct Pectus Excavatum?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of porex implants (comparatively of silicone implants) to correct a middle pectus excavatum? READ MORE

Is It Possible To Contour The Male Chest After Surgical Procedure To Remove Excess Gland Tissue?

How can a chest be contoured after excess gland tissue is removed via the nipple incision and not through vaser or lipo? I'm concerned that if... READ MORE

Why do I have a deformed chest and how can I change it to help hide my bones. (photo)

I have very boney body, and my chest and rips stick out quite a bit. Is anyways to change the physic of my body and why do I have this? By building... READ MORE

Right side of my chest is larger than the left side. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

The right side ribs of my chest goes further out compared to the left side ribs. Also the chest is asymmitrical. READ MORE

Male Makeover - Order of Procedures?

I'm going to get the following procedures in May. Buccal fat ( 50% extraction), Chin implant, lipo under chin, slight lip reduction, Cheek... READ MORE

I Have Had a Failed Lat Dorsi T Reconstruction. Any Other Options?

I am of slim build. Are there any reconstruction options open for me. READ MORE

Close gab between chest muscles - possible with operation? (photo)

I been training for many years, but can't not close the big gab between my chest mucsle.. I really want to fix it, coz my body isn't as nice as it... READ MORE

Brace After Pectus Carinatum Surgery

In 2005 I had surgery at UCLA for a severe case of pectus carinatum. I'm now nearly 31 and while I'm very much pleased with the surgical... READ MORE

What is the Likley Outcome of Plastic Surgery for a Deep Chemical Acid Burning in a N 11 YO Female Chest and Abdomen? (photo)

My kid is an 11 year old now and had a chemical burn deeply 9 years ago followed by a skin graft surgery, the scar keeps growing with her in most of... READ MORE

My right side of breast is not grown up by birth (photos)

I am 22 year old, by birth we have realized my right chest is not normal as left.. Till now right side has not grown even 5%. By birth i have 2major... READ MORE

How much would it cost to correct my ribcage? (photos)

Im 23 and I have a sunken chest, and my ribs purtude. I don't know what it's called, or what's wrong with my ribs structure. I just know I'm tired of... READ MORE

I have a weird gap between my chest, which makes me uncomfortable while I do not have my shirt on! (Photo)

I have a weird gap between my chest ! Which makes me uncomfrtable while i do mot have my shirt on !! I do gym i got big pecks but in middle its just a... READ MORE

Male with hypersensitivity, is it possible to have nerves cut?

I'm a male. A car accident 20 years ago left my chest scarred up. Now, nearing 50, the scar tissue where my nipples used to be has become annoyingly... READ MORE

Asymmetrical deformity of my left rib cage/chest wall. Is there an aesthetical correction? (photos)

My left rib and chest wall either from birth or a serious trauma in my early infant hood deformed my chest wall. At my age, any cardiovascular... READ MORE

Which over the counter pills should a man take to enhance his bust? (Photo)

I want to increase my bust (man boobs). My age is 51. My chest is 42'' and my weight is about 91kg and my height is 5ft8 1/2 inches. READ MORE

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