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What Plastic Surgery Procedures Can Fix my Asymmetrical Face?

The right side of my face is fairly different in size to the left side. Pretty much everything is asymmetrical. Eyes, ears, cheeks, etc. I am... READ MORE

How to Get Longer, Narrower Face

I want to have a face that's more womanly, more sharp and alert-looking, and not like a childlike version of my father's. I'm 22 years old. I think it... READ MORE

Surgery for Congenital Facial Asymmetry?

I think I may have congenital asymmetry. The left side of my face is very asymmetrical. The cheek has less mass compared to the right and the jaw is... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Gaunt Lower Face and Sunken Cheeks?

I am 30 years old and I have high cheekbones. Unfortunately I had three teeth removed for orthodontic purposes. As a result, my face has become gaunt... READ MORE

Facial Restructuring Possible and Realistic?

I'm Asian and I'm not happy with my face and I want it to be restructured. I want to have a better jaw contouring and facial balance, and more... READ MORE

Do Fat Cheeks Causing Depressions Need Surgery?

I am a 21-year-old male. I would like to know whether my case would require surgery or just weight loss. I am not huge, but I do have a couple of... READ MORE

I'm 29 with Sagging on my Cheecks and Jowls. Best Options for Tightening Skin?

I am 29 years old and I have been seeing some sagging on my cheecks and jowls. I have tried fillers but didn't see much improvement and felt like... READ MORE

Side Effects of Removing Large Lumps in Cheeks?

What are the side effects of surgically removing 2 large lumps from cheeks? The lumps are on both cheeks (right under the jaw line and on both sides... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Risks for a Heavy Smoker Prone to Keloids?

I have a keloid scar from a past operation due to car accident. I am a heavy smoker, never exercise, and I am 46 yrs old. Can I get a breast... READ MORE

Water Jet Lipo for Havesting Stem Cells for Cosmetic Surgery?

I would like to have some work done on my breast, face, and backside. Interested in the stem cell fill for under my eyes and to plump up by cheeks,... READ MORE

Hardness Due to Quill SRS Reaction

5 weeks post op I have a hard lump in my cheek which goes under my jaw and behind my ear which puts a lot of pressure on my ear. Is this normal. I am... READ MORE

Male Makeover - Order of Procedures?

I'm going to get the following procedures in May. Buccal fat ( 50% extraction), Chin implant, lipo under chin, slight lip reduction, Cheek... READ MORE

Cheek and Jaw

I am considering cosmetic treatments in my jaw and cheek. I am concerned because I have chubby cheeks but no cheekbone so I have big, flat cheeks and... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal??

I'm 28 and lookoing into buccal fat removal. As you can see in the photos my cheeks are chubby and always have been. I inherit this from my... READ MORE

Multiple Plastic Surgeries in One Day?

I'm planning to go Korea to have my surgeries. I'll be getting my eyelid skin/fat removal. My nose with silicone implants with septal or ear cartilage... READ MORE

Is There a Non Surgical Cheek Reduction Solution?

I have REALLY chubby cheeks and I'm not a fat person. Is there a non surgical way to reduce cheeks that works! I live in SA and have been to 2... READ MORE

Lipodystrophy from ARV's

I am 37 and have lipodystrophy my main areas of concern are face where my cheeks have caved in and buttock area were it hurts to sit for too long. Any... READ MORE

Non Surgical Reduction in Cheek Fat

Hi i want to know how can i make my cheeks smaller ,i have a very round face i prefer a non surgical approach,i had bells palsy when i was 19 and now... READ MORE

How long does fat necrosis of the cheek take to heal? (Photo)

My 4 year old was diagnosed with fat necrosis of the cheek after he fell onto a table about a month ago. The doctor said he should see a plastic... READ MORE

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