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What is the Solution for Fat Above Buttocks?

I am looking for a solution to this fat just above my buttocks and if taking enjection for my butt will change anything. I have lost 4 pregnancy at 3... READ MORE

Lump and Indentation on Left Gluteus

7 wks. ago I feel down some slippery stairs and sustatined a nasty bruise on my left gluteus. The bruise completely heeled but I still went to the ER... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix a Cleft/gap Between Buttocks?

There is some sort of gap, space, or cleft between my butt cheeks. i have never seen it on anyone else. at the end where the anus is, there is a huge... READ MORE

I Have a Small Waist & Big Butt Naturally, but I Want a Flat Abdomen and Rounder Butt. Which Procedure Would Be Right for Me?

I have been researching the BBL and lipo but then I was wondering if I just get liposuction to my abdomen and hips would that give the appearance of a... READ MORE

Dent on Butt After Fall. Will It Ever Go Away?

I fell on the corner of my tiled fireplace onto my left buttock. There was a massive bruise for a couple of weeks, now there is a large indent that... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Between Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?

I'm scheduled to get liposuction breast reduction under local anestesia in a month from a doctor who specialises in that area and i wanted to also get... READ MORE

Best Surgery to Balance Out Broad Shoulders

I'm 5'0 tall with very broad/wide shoulders and very small waist, I want to get either a boob job or a butt job, I don't want both just 1... READ MORE

Buttock Implants and Hip Widening for Woman with Masculine Physique

I am a female in mid 20's with broad shoulders much wider than my hips and a "V" shaped torso seen mostly in males. I have a naturally... READ MORE

My Daughter Was Born with an Asymmetric Gluteal Fold Due to a Dimple, Can this be Corrected?

My daughter was born with an asymmetric gluteal fold due to a dimple. A MRI was completed to rule out spinal cord involvement, including tethered... READ MORE

Can I Have my Hips Enlarged?

I would like to have my hips, breasts and derrier enlarged. Is that possible? READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of the "Jelly Roll" Under my Bum?

I'm in my twenties and weigh 8 stones (112lb). I just can't seem to get rid strange area under my bum. It's on both sides. I also have... READ MORE

How to Achieve Wasp Waist?

Is there any surgery to increase hip size like implants, etc? Will butt implants full the top middle and bottom of the butt? I want a wasp waist (as... READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgery Fix a Buttock Indentation?

I have a golf ball sized dent on my right butt cheek. It has a pupilish color just where the indention is. It does not hurt. What could this... READ MORE

Non-surgical Options for Loose Inner Thighs and Cellulite?

I have lost 90 pounds when I was a teen. I'm now 25 and at a healthy weight. I don't have an extreme case of loose skin. Other areas have managed to... READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Expect for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

After reading the People Magazine article about the girl from "The Hills", I think I might be able to have some improvement without looking... READ MORE

Best Way to Reduce Butt Size?

Hi, I'm 23 years old and all of my life, I have had a bigger bottom and have been considering doing something about it. What is the best way to reduce... READ MORE

Treatments for Thin Hips / Flat Butt?

My Hips Are Thin& Butt is Flat...I Dont Have Enough Fat to Graft to Both, Any Suggestions? READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About a Seroma the Size of a Grapefruit Thats Painful?

I had some calcium deposits removed from my buttock and now I have a seroma the size of a grapefruit that is tender… I don’t know what to do. READ MORE

Water Jet Lipo for Havesting Stem Cells for Cosmetic Surgery?

I would like to have some work done on my breast, face, and backside. Interested in the stem cell fill for under my eyes and to plump up by cheeks,... READ MORE

Can You Shorten a Long Butt Crack?

From the research I've done, I haven't found any procedure to shorten a butt crack. Mine is fairly long and the crack starts much higher then... READ MORE

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