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Is Giving my Own Injections with Drugs to Prevent Clots Usual?

Clinic has advised me that I will be shown how to give myself injections with anti-blood clot meds. Is this a usual practice? READ MORE

What Are the OVERALL Chances of Getting Blood Clots After Surgery?

What are the overall statistics of blood clotting in patients after surgery? Is it 1 in 1000, or 1 in 50,000? Please advise with statistics..thank you! READ MORE

Over 40 and on Birth Control Pills; a Risk for Blood Clots?

I am 43 and take birth control pills. My plastic surgeon has not mentioned this as a risk factor for blood clots, but I have reading that it is.... READ MORE

Treatment Approach for Patient with a Genetic Clotting Disorder, but No History of Thrombosis?

I'm heterozygous for Factor V Leiden, but have no history of thrombosis. Condition was discovered through a blood test while in fertility treatment.... READ MORE

What can I do, if anything to reduce my risks of developing post surgery blood clots?

Are some people more prone to getting blood clots after surgery? Is there any pre surgery precautions a person can take to reduce the risks? I know a... READ MORE

Regarding travel post op - is it safe? Blood clot risks? Considering travel for a procedure.

If the surgeon who is considered "best" for a particular procedure is out of state is s/he still best? If o travel to Arizona from Colorado and stay... READ MORE

What is it about surgery that can cause blood clots?

Is it the fact that you're not moving for a long period of time? Or what is it? READ MORE

Blood thinner before and after surgery: Is it Safe?

Is it safe for the dr to give small dose of blood thinner right before surgery. 10 years ago I got a dvt after childbirth. So the dr wants to be safe... READ MORE

Blood clots and surgery?

I heard there was a period of time after surgery that the risk of getting a blood clot is really high. When is that period of time? And why is it that... READ MORE

How Many Patients Develop Blood Clots After Surgery?

I know that risks are higher in certain people,and that specific precautions are usually taken to prevent blood clots. etc. With all this in play, out... READ MORE

Birth control and surgery - Should I Stop Taking it?

I am currently on microgrestin 1/20 FE tabs and the warning label talks about the risks of blood clots. Should I discontinue using these pills prior... READ MORE

can someone that has been diagnosed with trombophilia have plastic surgery?

I was diagnosed with trombophilia ( high risk of blood clotting), im not sure if i could get the bbl done in my case , and if there is anything to... READ MORE

How can a superficial blood clot be completely healed? (Photo)

I underwent plastic surgery on 04/08/15. To date my left arm is suffering from a superficial blood clot. I was put on an aspirin regimen of 325mg B.I... READ MORE

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