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What Plastic Surgery Procedures Can Fix my Asymmetrical Face?

The right side of my face is fairly different in size to the left side. Pretty much everything is asymmetrical. Eyes, ears, cheeks, etc. I am... READ MORE

Surgery for Congenital Facial Asymmetry?

I think I may have congenital asymmetry. The left side of my face is very asymmetrical. The cheek has less mass compared to the right and the jaw is... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix asymmetrical ribs that lead to breasts looking different sizes? (Photo)

My ribs have always been more protruding than normal and the left was always more abnormal then the right. This never bothered me too much until... READ MORE

Procedure for Off-center Chin and Asymmetric Jawline?

My chin is off centre and my jaw line looks asymmetric. I'm wondering what can be done to fix this, as my jaw aches and I can't open my mouth very... READ MORE

My Daughter Was Born with an Asymmetric Gluteal Fold Due to a Dimple, Can this be Corrected?

My daughter was born with an asymmetric gluteal fold due to a dimple. A MRI was completed to rule out spinal cord involvement, including tethered... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Facial Asymmetry Caused by Bell's Palsy?

When I was born, the doctor paralysed my face with forceps. I had Bell's palsy for over a month and as a result, my face is now very asymmetrical. One... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Way to Improve Facial Symmetry?

What procedure would be best for improving the symmetry in the lower half of my face (jaw, chin, etc.)? Preferably just one procedure. READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Potential Abnormality Present in my Leg Bones?

I have noticed over the past year that my legs are not straight. The main break in their line appears at the knee joint. I should mention that my... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Facial Asymmetry?

I have a bad asymmetry problem in my face, eyes, especially in my mouth. It is bad to the point that one side of my mouth moves completely in a... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery for Asymmetric Facial Features

I've always noticed an off balance of my left eye and nostril. It is very evident in photos, especially when I smile, the left eye looks much smaller... READ MORE

Is Plastic Surgery the Only Way to Correct Asymmetrical Face?

I am a rather skinny young man (5'7", 120 lbs, age 21). The right side of my face contains noticeably more fat and seems to droop a bit. Is this... READ MORE

Can I Remove Loose Skin Without Removing Fat?

I was about 190lbs and am now 120lbs at 5'3 with a petite build. My ribs poke out, I have a 23" waist - but my stomach has wrinkles! It looks... READ MORE

I wanted to know if there was anyway to reduce the appearance of the asymmetry of my eyes. (photos)

It appears to me as though there is a slight difference in the height and depth between the eyes. I don't mind some asymmetry but this is very... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Both Eyes Symmetrical?

My left eye appears larger than my right. It is very noticible in photos. Is there a surgery to correct this? Could there be an underlying medical... READ MORE

What's the best procedure to correct leg asymmetry? (Photo)

I was born this way with one leg significantly bigger than the other. What surgery can be done to even this out. It feels uncomfortable wearing... READ MORE

Best Way to Raise Drooping Eyebrow and Achieve Symmetry?

I am a 54-year-old woman, and my left brow droops relative to my right brow (this has become more marked with age). What is the most effective way to... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry, What Should I Have Done?

I have a very asymmetrical face and I'm wondering what procedures I can have done to make it look more symmetrical, attractive? READ MORE

I'm Increasingly Self-conscious About my Appearance After Plastic Surgery

I've had a rhinoplasty done and I have studied my face in the process. Delving into the world of plastic surgery has heightened my aesthetic... READ MORE

Can Body Symmetry Be Achieved with Surgery?

Is it normal for one side of  your body to be bigger than the other? i.e- I have a nice shape, but I believe that one side of my buttocks is... READ MORE

The limitations of plastic surgery?

While I've seen DRs on here say that everyone's standard of beauty is different, I think we can all agree that certain faces are almost universally... READ MORE

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