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Is General Anesthesia Safer Than Sedation?

First of all, thank you for your patience and kindness. I have been told that general anesthesia is safer because during sedation, the patient can... READ MORE

Do Patients Pass Gas or Have Bowel Movements Under Anesthesia?

I am just curious if patients ever pass gas, pee or poop whilst under anesthesia ? I've read they can not and I have read they often do . READ MORE

Difference Between Local and Regional Anesthesia?

What is the difference between local anesthesia with sedation and regional anesthesia, a thoracic block? READ MORE

Can Hair Dye React with Anesthesia?

I'm an African-American woman who plans to have her hair relaxed, then dyed (a moderate) red. I also plan on having jaw surgery and a rhinoplasty.... READ MORE

What kind of anesthesia do they use in the Dominican Republic?

Also I hear in the DR they give you a blue pill before surgery. Do US doctors give this blue pill before surgery also? READ MORE

Increased Risks with Length of Time Under General Anesthesia?

I am concerned about the length of time spent under general anesthesia. Are there increased risks with length of time exposed to the anesthetics? READ MORE

Is a Catheter Used in Sedation Plastic Surgery?

I'm considering plastic surgery and have been advised to have a sedation. My question, is it normal to use a catheter while sedated having... READ MORE

Anesthesia Risks During Plastic Surgery

I am afraid of anesthesia risks, especially not waking up from the anesthesia and developing blood clots. Are clotting agents given after plastic... READ MORE

Paying for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Fees

When having cosmetic surgery, I know the surgeons fees have to be paid in FULL before surgery, but can the facility fees and anesthesia be paid by... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Undergo General Anesthesia Within a Month of Each Other?

My mom is getting two different surgeries that are roughly a month a part from each other. Is it safe for her to go under general anesthesia so close... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of General Anesthesia?

Why is general anesthesia said to put patience in a state of coma. does this affect the brain function the way a comma might for the lenght of time a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Wake Up in the Middle of Surgery?

Putting you to sleep for tummy tuck- could u wake up in the middle of surgery an not be able to open ur eyes to let the doctor know.. im scared of... READ MORE

Surgery quotes & anesthesia. It's more than four times what my surgeon quoted me. What can I do?

I had a procedure a few months back at a hospital and just received my bill from the anesthesia group. It's more than four times what my surgeon... READ MORE

Over-reaction to Anesthesia

I am over-sensitive to anesthesia! I recently has face-lift, brown lift, lower blepharoplasty, and laser. Even warning doc I was out for 4.5 hrs.... READ MORE

"Overmedicating" During Surgery

I have been online doing much research and the majority of deaths from surgery had to do with administering too much pain medication, sedation,... READ MORE

Surgery for Upper Eyelids and Jowls Under General Anesthesia?

Iam interested in having for upper eyelids and jowls. I want it to be done under general anesthesia and not local. Is it possible? I am past 70 but I... READ MORE

Is Bloating After General Anesthesia More Than Just Constipation?

Doctors, mine included, seem to be of the opinion that any abdominal bloating after general anesthesia is due to the constipating effect of the... READ MORE

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