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How Can I Get a Fast Recovery from Plastic Surgery?

 about to get a plastic surgery just a few weeks...what can i do to make recovering from it less difficult and slow? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Diuretic Pills After Plastic Surgery?

I had a tummy tuck operation, breast gel implants, and liposuction on my outer thighs about 5 weeks ago. I still experience some swelling. My doctor... READ MORE

Treatment Approach for Patient with a Genetic Clotting Disorder, but No History of Thrombosis?

I'm heterozygous for Factor V Leiden, but have no history of thrombosis. Condition was discovered through a blood test while in fertility treatment.... READ MORE

Traveling for Surgery - Can I Get Post-op Care from a Local Doctor?

Is It Possible to Get Post Op Care from Someone Other Than Surgical Dr if Surgery Done Away from Home?    READ MORE

Any doctors in the metro Milwaukee, WI area willing to provide post-op care for patients who've had surgery out of the country?

I've hit a road block in finding a local PS for limited follow-up. I'm insured but willing to self pay. I've had no complications. I simply need... READ MORE

Recovery Houses or Post Surgery Assistance in Miami/Fort Lauderdale?

I will be traveling to Miami/Fort Lauderdale for cosmetic surgery in Late August. I am having a hard time getting someone to commit to coming with me... READ MORE

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in Pittsburg, PA area willing to do after care

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in Pgh, Pa area willing to do after care as a result if getting surgery done abroad. READ MORE

Is an unresponsive office manager a sign of a bad practice? Or does a great surgeon outweigh this?

Can any of the doctors weigh in and tell me if I should stick to a doctor because I believe he's great? Or run because this is just a sign of how... READ MORE

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