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What is the Difference Between a Resident and a Fellow Surgeon?

Someone suggested i go to a fellow surgeon for a tummy tuck over a resident, what is the difference really? READ MORE

Are Blood Tests Mandatory Before Surgery?

From reading other stories i was under the impression that i would have blood work done at my pre-surgical appointment. But when i went the nurse went... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Removal of Extra Skin?

I am 51 years old and used to weigh 280 lbs. Six years ago, I lost all the weight; now I weigh 100 lbs. i had 2 c-sections, a tubual ligation through... READ MORE

Do I Have to Remove my Acrylic Nails Before Plastic Surgery?

This is sort of a strange question, i have acrylic nails and i know i have to remove all nail polish prior to surgery but what about my acrylic nails?... READ MORE

Repair of the Diastatis with Laparoscopic Approch?

I have had one child but have a SMALL buldge in my lower abd. This is not a hernia and moves side to side when I bend sideways. It has been diagnosed... READ MORE

Surgery for Visceral Fat Removal?

My apron fat is ruining my back. I have tried to lose more weight, but my back is bad. Is there a safe surgical procedure to remove this apron fat? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery to Correct Large Bulge in Left Abdominal Wall?

I am male, 54 years old. I have a bulge from partial nephrectomy. sticks out about 4” x 8” x 10”. June tried a hernia repair, but... READ MORE

Surgery to Streamline Stomach After Small Bowl Resection

I was diagnosed with caecal volvulus 2 years ago and underwent emergency surgery to remove my illium, this resulted in a 4 inch scar just above and to... READ MORE

Large Hematoma In Abdomen Already Drained 4x- What Is My Next Step?

At first someone told me it was a seroma. But, it is not and is a hematoma. It has been drained four times at least. And, is still huge. One doctor... READ MORE

Can the "Flap" From my C-section be Fixed?

Since my son's birth my weight has fluctuated a bunch (between 20 and 70 lbs) due to a suspected thyroid disorder and PCOS that my OB/GYN thinks... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Transverse Abdominis to Stretch and Create a Belly Bulge?

I'm wondering if its possible for the transverse abdominis to stretch and create a lower belly bulge whilst the rectus abdominis stays intact and... READ MORE

Extensive Hernia Repair, Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction at One Time?

I have had 2 hernia repairs and now have another repair needed. I've considered during the hernia repair (mesh will need to go from side to side... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix Complications from Removal of Massive Tumor?

I had a 80lb tumor removed causing my abdominal wall to weaken and 3 months later ended up getting a incision hernia that was fixed, but something... READ MORE

Should It Be a Red Flag if my Selected Plastic Surgeon Can't Provide Me with a Reference?

Hello, I plan to have a tummy tuck soon and have met with 3 board certified PSs. The PS I selected was recommended to me by my OBGYN and he is very... READ MORE

Procedures for Excess Fat and Multiple Surgery Scars?

What can be done with excess fat and multiple scars from C-section, appendix surgery, and gall bladder surgery? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Someone with a BMI of 40+?

I'm still fairly young (early 20s). Most of my weight issues seem to be hereditary. I also have asthma, and have dealt with depression due to other... READ MORE

How Do You Fix a Ridge on Your Stomach Caused by an Umbilica Hernia?

When I was a new born I had an umbilical hernia and had surgery to get it fixed when I was five months old. Now that I am 16,I want to get the ridge... READ MORE

How Much Do I Save by Having Multiple Procedures?

I am figuring out my budget/time to plan a breast augmentation (quoted $4800), medial thigh lift (?), and abdominoplasty (quoted $5-8K). How much are... READ MORE

What Treatment is Available to Reduce/remove Abdominal Fat Pocket Following Hernia Surgery?

My surgeon had to cut my abdominal muscle during a 2nd hernia repair. I've now developed a fat pocket under the mesh. What options are available... READ MORE

What are the post surgery precautions after a laparoscopic cystectomy?

Hello 2 weeks back i had a laparoscopic cystectomy for a dermoid 9 cm ovarian cyst. I have got 3 incisions one in my belly button, one above my bikini... READ MORE

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