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What is the Difference Between a Resident and a Fellow Surgeon?

Someone suggested i go to a fellow surgeon for a tummy tuck over a resident, what is the difference really? READ MORE

Are Blood Tests Mandatory Before Surgery?

From reading other stories i was under the impression that i would have blood work done at my pre-surgical appointment. But when i went the nurse went... READ MORE

Do I Have to Remove my Acrylic Nails Before Plastic Surgery?

This is sort of a strange question, i have acrylic nails and i know i have to remove all nail polish prior to surgery but what about my acrylic nails?... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Removal of Extra Skin?

I am 51 years old and used to weigh 280 lbs. Six years ago, I lost all the weight; now I weigh 100 lbs. i had 2 c-sections, a tubual ligation through... READ MORE

Surgery for Visceral Fat Removal?

My apron fat is ruining my back. I have tried to lose more weight, but my back is bad. Is there a safe surgical procedure to remove this apron fat? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery to Correct Large Bulge in Left Abdominal Wall?

I am male, 54 years old. I have a bulge from partial nephrectomy. sticks out about 4” x 8” x 10”. June tried a hernia repair, but... READ MORE

Surgery to Streamline Stomach After Small Bowl Resection

I was diagnosed with caecal volvulus 2 years ago and underwent emergency surgery to remove my illium, this resulted in a 4 inch scar just above and to... READ MORE

Can the "Flap" From my C-section be Fixed?

Since my son's birth my weight has fluctuated a bunch (between 20 and 70 lbs) due to a suspected thyroid disorder and PCOS that my OB/GYN thinks... READ MORE

Large Hematoma In Abdomen Already Drained 4x- What Is My Next Step?

At first someone told me it was a seroma. But, it is not and is a hematoma. It has been drained four times at least. And, is still huge. One doctor... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Transverse Abdominis to Stretch and Create a Belly Bulge?

I'm wondering if its possible for the transverse abdominis to stretch and create a lower belly bulge whilst the rectus abdominis stays intact and... READ MORE

Extensive Hernia Repair, Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction at One Time?

I have had 2 hernia repairs and now have another repair needed. I've considered during the hernia repair (mesh will need to go from side to side... READ MORE

Should It Be a Red Flag if my Selected Plastic Surgeon Can't Provide Me with a Reference?

Hello, I plan to have a tummy tuck soon and have met with 3 board certified PSs. The PS I selected was recommended to me by my OBGYN and he is very... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix Complications from Removal of Massive Tumor?

I had a 80lb tumor removed causing my abdominal wall to weaken and 3 months later ended up getting a incision hernia that was fixed, but something... READ MORE

Procedures for Excess Fat and Multiple Surgery Scars?

What can be done with excess fat and multiple scars from C-section, appendix surgery, and gall bladder surgery? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Someone with a BMI of 40+?

I'm still fairly young (early 20s). Most of my weight issues seem to be hereditary. I also have asthma, and have dealt with depression due to other... READ MORE

How to Lose my Tummy Fat??

Im obse with big tummy thighs n arms READ MORE

How Do You Fix a Ridge on Your Stomach Caused by an Umbilica Hernia?

When I was a new born I had an umbilical hernia and had surgery to get it fixed when I was five months old. Now that I am 16,I want to get the ridge... READ MORE

How Much Do I Save by Having Multiple Procedures?

I am figuring out my budget/time to plan a breast augmentation (quoted $4800), medial thigh lift (?), and abdominoplasty (quoted $5-8K). How much are... READ MORE

What Treatment is Available to Reduce/remove Abdominal Fat Pocket Following Hernia Surgery?

My surgeon had to cut my abdominal muscle during a 2nd hernia repair. I've now developed a fat pocket under the mesh. What options are available... READ MORE

What are the post surgery precautions after a laparoscopic cystectomy?

Hello 2 weeks back i had a laparoscopic cystectomy for a dermoid 9 cm ovarian cyst. I have got 3 incisions one in my belly button, one above my bikini... READ MORE

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