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CO2 Pixel Laser the Same As Fraxel?

The derm clinic I've gone to (I live overseas) says the CO2 Pixel laser is the laser they use...but I'm a little confused. Is it the same as Fraxel? READ MORE

2 Days Post Treatment Pixel, Can I Use a Cream to Help the Skin. Skin is Very Tight

My sister and I have had pixel laser resurfacing done two days ago. Our skin is very tight and we were advised not to put ANY type of cream etc onto... READ MORE

What are the recommendations for Pre-Pixel treatment skin prep? and Post?

I have an appointment for my fist Pixel treatment tomorrow. I asked what I should do pre pixel to get my skin ready and what I should do post pixel...... READ MORE

Pixel Q Switch for Face Lift, Skin Tightening Around Mouth? Taking Preventative Measures For Further Sagging.

I am considering Pixel Q Switch for tightening skin around the corners of the mouth. I am 39, and have youthful but thin skin. My skin is just... READ MORE

Smartskin (Multiple Sessions) Vs. Pixel (One Session W/downtime)?

I'm in my mid-40s looking into skin tightening and have consuted with different doctors. One recommended Smartskin Co2 treatment -- she said I... READ MORE

Options To Correct Pixel Fractional Laser Track Marks 6 Weeks Post Op?

6 weeks ago I had Pixal Fractional Laser resurfacing on my face and on stretch marks on my breasts and hips. My face quickly healed and I am happy... READ MORE

I Had Pixel Treatment Overt my Lip Area, It is Red and Swollen. What Can I Do for Pain?

Today is second day of pixel on my upper lip, skin is red and swollen. Aqapor seems to irritate it more, what can I do to lessen pain READ MORE

Best treatment for under eye crepiness? (Photo)

I have recently been advised 4-5 treatment of pixel laser treatment to under eye wrinkles.i have had 1 treatment so far few weeks ago and just abit... READ MORE

I've had my first Pixel and here are the results. No changes at all. 7 days after Pixel. What should I do? (Photo)

After pixel, it seems that there was no improvements at all. What should I do? I am in a severe depression. My next step is to have a diamond peel.... READ MORE

Is pixel laser my best choice?

I am 45 yr old male I have some deep wrinkles above my nose between my eyes and wrinkles on my forehead and small lines below and beside my eyes.. Can... READ MORE

Pixel or Fraxel for pitted acne scars? (Photo)

Hi there! I was wondering what sort of treatment is best for my pitted acne scars? I have done thorough research and I am struggling to decide between... READ MORE

My Pixel Laser treatment took about 7 minutes. and no peeling has happened since. Was this done incorrectly?

I had the Pixel laser done about 5 days ago on my whole face. The entire procedure took maybe 7 minutes to complete. I was very red and it burned for... READ MORE

Fractional Pixel laser. I want to know the cost of each therapy to treat acne scars

Sir I want to know about the cost of each therapy for treat acne scars if these are effected on cheeks in very less area READ MORE

What is the time frame to get a Pixel treatment done after you've just had one?

I was told to come back in 2 weeks for my 2nd pixel treatment. But it seems like that's the time when my skin will be healed. So I'm worried that... READ MORE

Pixel laser or ematrix? (Photo)

I have acne from 12 years old because im pcos. Now im 23 years old dan and now my face is full of acne scars. I'm asian+arabian with a medium skin. I... READ MORE

Is it okay to have a chemical peel 1 month after Pixel treatment in the legs? (Photo)

A week ago i have my first pixel laser treatment and until now it's not peeling off and there seem to have a scar and i guess its not working on me... READ MORE

Botox and filler a week before Pixel laser. (My third session) will this affect my week old fillers?

I have been having treatments to improve facial skin appearance and texture, including pixel lazer. Add Botox and filler a week ago and it's the best... READ MORE

24 yr female looking to improve texture and tightness of face, would Pixel or Laser 360 be good options? (photos)

Hello doctors can you please recommend a laser or other procedure that will help with the texture of my skin so that it appears smoother? it always... READ MORE

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