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Fraxel vs Pixel Laser Treatments

What is the difference between fraxel and pixel and when should each be used? How effective is either in removing lines from upper lip and... READ MORE

CO2 Pixel Laser the Same As Fraxel?

The derm clinic I've gone to (I live overseas) says the CO2 Pixel laser is the laser they use...but I'm a little confused. Is it the same as Fraxel? READ MORE

Is Pixel RF better than Infini RF for acne scars? (Photo)

I have been recommended by several doctors that infini is a great treatment for acne scars but recently been told by a clinic here in the U.K. That... READ MORE

Pixel Perfect Vs. Matrix RF for Crepiness Under Eyes and Skin Rejuvenation?

I am 36 and have already undergone 1 treatment with the Matrix RF with okay results but i was told I'd need to do a few. After doing some... READ MORE

Alma Pixel Vs. CO2 Laser

How good is Pixel compare to Co2 treatment? a Dr recommended me to do pixel treatment rather than co2 treatment coz he said my skin condition are not... READ MORE

Which is More Painful, 3rd Generation Thermage or Pixel Laser?

Which is more painful, 3rd generation thermage or pixel laser? READ MORE

Can Pixel Laser Peel Skin Like TCA?

Can the Pixel 2940 laser resurfacing cause skin to peel like TCA peel? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Fraxel and Pixel Laser?

Which has the least downtime? which produces the best results? what's the cost difference? READ MORE

Pixel or Fraxel for pitted acne scars? (Photo)

Hi there! I was wondering what sort of treatment is best for my pitted acne scars? I have done thorough research and I am struggling to decide between... READ MORE

What provides you better results for big, open pores on the face and back?

I have big open pores on my face and my back but I don't know what go for PIXEL OR FRAXEL , I don't know what to choose. READ MORE

What is the difference between an Alma CO2 fractional laser and an Alma Pixel Laser?

My doctor has both and says the Alma Pixel is more gentle with less down time, but requires 3 treatments to achieve the results of 1 Alma CO2... READ MORE

Pixel or Total Fx – which is better?

Which is better, Pixel or Total Fx ? Which penetrates deeper? Which yields more dramatic results? READ MORE

Is Pixel or Laser Genesis safe for an African American with sensitive brown skin and melasma? (Photos)

I have small acne and hyper-pigmentation (possibly melasma) that I have undergone several treatment by dermatologist. I have done oral... READ MORE

Is Erbium Pixel Laser or RF Device? Different websites, different claims! Can Pixel/CO2 Laser be combined on face in 1 session?

Very confusing. I had consult - doc recommends Pixel Laser. His website calls it "Fractional Resurfacing-Erbium Pixel". Is this a laser or RF? What... READ MORE

Pixel laser or ematrix? (Photo)

I have acne from 12 years old because im pcos. Now im 23 years old dan and now my face is full of acne scars. I'm asian+arabian with a medium skin. I... READ MORE

What's the difference between Pixel Laser vs. Contour TRL?

What's the difference between Pixel Laser vs. Contour TRL? I have skin issues on my forehead and upper eyelid, is it safe to do either of them? Would... READ MORE

Microneedling vs Alma's iPixel ER: is the downtime similar?

Can I get the same results with the laser service over the microneedling? Is the down time similar, if not what is the down time for the procedures? READ MORE

What is the difference between Spectra laser peel and Perfect Pixel laser TX?

What is the difference between a spectra peel and the pixel laser tx? Both for heyperpimentation, scarring, melesma, and skin texture. Is either... READ MORE

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