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27 Yo F / Single.... Hating my Tattoo.. LASER REMOVAL - Australia, AU

Hey !!!!! in september 2013 i couldnt handle things... i didnt like being me... so i thought id become more interesting if i went too a tattoo parlour and got a tattoo and i had too do it that day ! So off i went // didnt research the artist... i had a brief idea of what i wanted which was a... READ MORE

Colored Tattoo on Forearm

My story is pretty like others except for a little detail... i get a tattoo on my neck when i was 20's that i have already get off 5 years ago with q-switch... it works but i keep hypopogmentation and skin never come back as normal... but it's better than huge black tattoo ;) I delete this first... READ MORE

Dense, Colorful Tattoo Removal - Rhode Island

I posted on this site a couple of months ago, after my first consultation with a laser technician. That technician uses Nd:Yag lasers and told me 4-5 removal sessions would be enough to lighten my tattoo enough for a cover-up. A few doctors on this site suggested the Picosure laser, and I took... READ MORE

Color Tattoo Removal With Picosure Laser - DUBAI - Follow my Journey!

Some time around Spring 2015, I had gotten a colored tattoo done in San Diego, CA. That same night, I knew that I had made a huge mistake. Since then, I have patiently waited for the right place and time to begin treatment of its removal. Now living in Dubai, I had found the Medical Village,... READ MORE

25 Coloured Tattoo Upper Arm - Instant Regret. London, GB

Hi, Just want to start of by saying the community spirit on this site is unbelievable. So I recently, impulsively, got a tattoo a new tattoo. It was done by someone I'm familiar with who has already tattooed me. To the main story. When having a recent 'session' he showed me (what looked at... READ MORE

Not Doing This Again - Michigan, MI

Hey everyone after many months of contemplation I decided to go ahead with picosure to remove my heavy colored half sleeve . Big mistake . I'm one day post my first treatment the blisters are insane it's blotchy and hurts like hell oh not to mention my arm is about two times the normal size for... READ MORE

Huge Coloured Regret I Want to Erase but Feel Hopeless - Paris, France

Hi I am Jeremy from France and I have a calf tattoo that I regret so much: it was made 3 mounths ago by a famous artist I thought talented. I am not an impulsive person usually but I now realize that I decided Too Quick. I have a flower lotus that I have made inked in thailand 5 years ago and I... READ MORE

11 Sessions of Picosure and Q Switch - New York, NY

I got a tattoo covered up in 2011 with colorful flowers...major regret! After doing a lot of research I decided to have my first Picosure session with Dr. Geronemus who was great. Most of the color came out in the first session. It was $800 for one session and I knew that I needed 15 or more so... READ MORE

Blue Forget Me Not Flower with Quote Underneath. Montclair, NJ

I'm calling to schedule an appointment for a PicoSure procedure in the next couple of weeks. This tattoo has had a total of 4 1/2 hours gone into it since the first time I got it done, the details were incredibly amateur. Really hoping that the procedure will make this problem go away!! Are... READ MORE

40 Years Old... What Was I Thinking? - El Paso, TX

I will turn 40 years old in May and I have always liked tattoos in other people, so I decided it was time to get me one... and found out that according to the statistics, I am part of the 20% that regrets the tattoo. So, like the rest I started to think on ways to fix the issue... either by a... READ MORE

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

I have a lot of tattoos. I have removed two black ones completely. I am now getting treatment on my right arm with the PicoSure laser. I had one treatment with another laser on this arm. I am hoping for the results I got on my previous tattoo removal. This tattoo has lots of color so I'm being... READ MORE

RItacca in IL, Im from MN, Great Session with PICO! - Vernon Hills, IL

Hey all. I have had 7 q switch laser sessions. One pico laser session on 12-5-14. Pico is nice! Best lightening of my tat that I have seen yet. The Q kind of sucks. Disruptive to surrounding tissue, not as effective, longer healing time as well, of course. I have Scott Farrell of 4 points body... READ MORE

Removal of Several Large, Dense, Colourful Tattoos with Picosure - Esher, UK

When I was young I got a lot of large, ugly tattoos as a way of coping with anxiety and other mental health issues. They're dense and colourful and will take years to remove, but I am trying to remain hopeful. They are on my leg, arm, and upper back. I started Picosure on my leg in late April... READ MORE

PicoSure for 18 Yr Old Blue/Green/Black Gecko Tattoo - Houston, TX

Went with PicoSure over other methods due to speed and ability to target blues/greens. The 1996 gecko tattoo originally had some yellows and reds, but those colors have all but vanished over the past 18 yrs. First treatment was without numbing cream with a pain level similar to getting tattoo;... READ MORE

Picosure on Large, Colorful Wrist Tattoo - Phoenix, AZ

My story will sound familiar to many of you. I got a large peony flower tattooed on my wrist when I was 20 that I was never really happy with. It was one of those decisions made too quickly without much thought. About 6 months ago, I went to a different tattoo artist to have a cover up done. I... READ MORE

Huge Mistake! - London, TX

I got the ugliest tattoo at the start of this year and It's really got me down. I was thinking about the tattoo for months and I drew it myself but since Im no artist I told tge tattooest to change anything they want to make it better. I also decided to pay 4 times the price a different tattoo... READ MORE

Picosure Tattoo Removal - Reno, NV

I had picosure treatment on my foot about 4 months ago. My tattoo is about 1in x 3in long. Its a black paw with purple/green/blue swirl. This is a coverup. Under the paw is a ladybug, red/black. Previous to the picosure treatment I had 5 rev-light treatments. The rev-light had no effect on the... READ MORE

Removing Tattoo in Picosure Research Study, Colored Back Tattoo First - New York, NY

After an enormous amount of research and countless consultations, I am beginning my Picosure treatment with the Laser & Skin Surgery Center in Manhattan. I will be using anesthetic, so I will not be able to treat both tattoos at once (meaning both during one visit). I will instead be treating... READ MORE

Very Fast Tattoo Fading with Picosure Laser at The Reset Room in London, UK

I'm in the process having this butterfly tattoo -- one of several I'm having removed -- lasered by Wayne at the Reset Room in Soho. The process has been exceptionally easy; I've had no blistering, and very quick healing. As you'll see from the photos, the fading is dramatic. The second photo was... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Colored Foot Tattoo with PicoSure Laser - Seattle, WA

I've had about three treatments with the PicoSure laser on my 11 year old foot tattoo which includes blue, purple, white, and black ink (including three previous treatments with a different laser). The results so far are awesome! Not only is the PicoSure targeting the blues/purples (which are... READ MORE

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