Photofacial Videos

Reducing Complications in Darker Skin Types With Skintel — The Doctor Explains

Dark skin can be difficult to treatment with IPL as increased pigment in the skin can lead to complications such as burns and hyperpigmentation. Skintel is device that measures melanin in the skin to minimize risk and optimally treat IPL patients. VIEW NOW


Turn Back Time With a Photofacial — The Doctor Explains How It Works

Dr. Arthur N. Falk discusses intense pulsed light (IPL) or photo facial. The sun is the #1 ager of your skin, but you can turn back the clock with IPL. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Treats This Young Man's Rosacea With Pro Yellow Laser — See His Procedure

Dr. Jason Emer suggests combination therapy with lasers and microneedling to give better improvement than any single treatment alone. Watch as he performs a laser treatment on this man. VIEW NOW

See 15 Seconds of QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser For Facial Redness

Dr. Jason Emer uses QuadroStar 577nm Pro Yellow Laser to treat this woman's rosacea. The 577 nm wavelength is known to have the most affinity for blood vessels and pigment, with little risk to burn if used properly. VIEW NOW

Laser Treatment for Rosacea in 50 Seconds

Dr. Jason Emer uses the Pro Yellow 577 nm Laser to instantly clear facial vessels. The solid-state laser has more comfort compared to other vascular lasers such as pulsed dye (V Beam) or 532 nm green lasers. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Treats Stubborn Nasal Vessels With Diode Laser

Dr. Jason Emer users the New QuadroStar Pro Yellow 577 nm Solid State Diode Laser to improve this person's blood vessels which are visible around their nose. VIEW NOW

When Can You Combine IPL With ResurFX Laser?

Dr. Sabrina Fabi explains who is a candidate for combining IPL with this photo-fractional, non-ablative laser treatment. VIEW NOW

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What Is the Sciton Laser and How Does It Work?

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz explains what areas the Sciton laser treats and how it works? VIEW NOW

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IPL Treatment: What Should I Expect? What's the Downtime?

Here's what you need to know about downtime after getting IPL. Dr. Lorrie Klein has the answers. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Photofacial? What You Need to Know About IPL

Dr. Lorrie Klein explains what IPL stands for and who makes a good candidate for this skincare treatment. VIEW NOW

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IPL Photofacial: See How This Woman's Skin Is Rejuvenated

Dr. Lawrence A. Osman discusses the skincare tool IPL. VIEW NOW