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Photodynamic Therapy to Remove Basal Cell Carcinoma?

I have recently been diagnosed with nodular Basal cell carcinoma on my chest, 6 spots. I have had other basal removed and don't want anymore... READ MORE

Sun Protection After BBL Phototherapy on Fair and Sensitive Skin?

BBL has been recommended for me. I am 50 with very fair and sensitive skin. I can only use zinc oxide or sun avoidance as I am allergic to Paba or... READ MORE

Phototherapy for acute folliculitis works? All else has failed.

Am post transplant 10 years and have been given creams and shots of antibiotics and b12 along with sterioid shots. Scalp still beet red and very itchy... READ MORE

I had PDT yesterday for AK on the head and it doesn't seem to have worked.

W/Levulan, no tingling or pain under the lights, no redness today, just slightly pink at most, 15 hours later. He did all the pre-steps I've read... READ MORE

In addition to addressing AKs, is PDT with Levulan effective in minimizing hyperpigmentation from past acne cysts?

My dermatologist has suggested that I undergo PDT therapy w/ Levulan to address 4 AKs that have returned after one round of cryotherapy. I am open to... READ MORE

PDT treatment with Levulan for acne is it necessary to use Halobetasol cream after treatment?

I just had a PDT treatment with Levulan done today for treating acne.Levulan was on for 90 minutes and PDT light for 15 minutes. Doctor recommended... READ MORE

How to treat raised scar and huge pores in the middle of my nose & Is PDT a good idea for my current breakout area? (Photo)

I used to breakout a lot on my nose, and that left me this raised scar and the pores on it got really large. Even though I conceal it people will... READ MORE

Ala PDT pustular flare and collagen

One hour ala levulan incubation activated with 8 minutes omnilux blue for skin type 4. I was told blue better for skin type . What causes the tiny... READ MORE

Can Photodynamic Therapy cause more scaly / precancerous lesions to develop?

I had Photodynamic therapy in March. I had horrible reaction with severe burns, swelling, blisters & peeling. Since I have healed I have scaly... READ MORE

I am 5 days post PDT for superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma and Actinic Karatosis, and experiencing intense peeling (Photo)

Is there anything I can do to either speed up the process or something that would help do that I can at least cover it with makeup to make it less... READ MORE

Levulan Kerastick w blue light, scared!

Levulan Kerastick w blue light I am very scared with all of the reviews doing the Kerastick and blue light therapy, I don't have oily skin I have dry... READ MORE

Uneven application of Levulan. Will this all heal evenly? (Photo)

I had the Levulan treatment last night and they totally missed the left side of my nose and got the right. The reason they stated was because they... READ MORE

I had Levulan Treatment on Monday. Will it be effected without the use of the light?

My face was already really red when I went back on Tuesday morning they did not use the blue light because my face was already red will this treatment... READ MORE

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