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Levulan Pdt Treatment How Long Do You Have to Stay out of the Sun?

I'm traveling to Nassea will it be safe? Treatment was on 4/9/2012 traveling 5/8/2012 READ MORE

How Effective is Levulan Pdt for Arms?

I had 2 previous treatments and my Doc wants me to prep my arms with Tazorac this time. Will that help make the treatment more effective? READ MORE

Blue Light Therapy with Levulan Freckles?

I am scheduled for Bluelight therapy with levulan for my acne but I want to know will it also help with freckles and fine lines? Also, will I peel? I... READ MORE

It is day four of Levulan TX and my skin is still bright red. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had levulan with blue light therapy 10 mins. My face is still as red as when when I left from my procedure on day one. My skin is peeling on my chin... READ MORE

Is Levulan Kerastick with Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator effective on melasma, freckles and acne? (Photo)

Have any dermatologist used this procedure on a patient with melasma? Did it work? How many days did it take to clear up? How many tratments were... READ MORE

Photodynamic: How Does the Real Effectiveness of Blue Light with Levulan Compare to Benzoyl Peroxide?

Various docs say:[1] "..effectiveness have been inconsistent." "...quite modest in its efficacy for acne treatment." "effects not impressive." yet... READ MORE

Can PDT Be Activated by Sunlight?

I was told that I'd have great results from the levulan treatment even though it wasn't activated by the blue light. Is this true? What's the... READ MORE

Levulan treatment and severe sun damage.

My son had his second levulan treatment and he got severe sun damage this time, the skin got 2 shades darker, will this eventually go away and get his... READ MORE

No acetone and no direct application of Levulan in PDT. Should I insist on this in the future??

I just had PDT for the 4th time at a new place. This place did not do an acetone wash, and she squeezed the Levulan onto her gloved hand and wiped it... READ MORE

Will Photodynamic Therapy for acne result in facial hair loss?

I've read in dermatological books that PDT with levulan and red light could destroy the hair follicles, leading to alopecia and that this has been... READ MORE

I had PDT yesterday for AK on the head and it doesn't seem to have worked.

W/Levulan, no tingling or pain under the lights, no redness today, just slightly pink at most, 15 hours later. He did all the pre-steps I've read... READ MORE

I am scheduled to get Levulan and blue light for the 3rd year in a row due to my history of skin cancer. Any suggestions?

The last 2 were done with the levulan left on several hours and then the blue light for about 15 to 20 min. No real results, no bad sunburn, pain or... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan?

I am having a PDT treatment with levulan in a couple weeks. my doctor said the "incubation" period before going under the light is 1 hour. I've read... READ MORE

In addition to addressing AKs, is PDT with Levulan effective in minimizing hyperpigmentation from past acne cysts?

My dermatologist has suggested that I undergo PDT therapy w/ Levulan to address 4 AKs that have returned after one round of cryotherapy. I am open to... READ MORE

PDT treatment with Levulan for acne is it necessary to use Halobetasol cream after treatment?

I just had a PDT treatment with Levulan done today for treating acne.Levulan was on for 90 minutes and PDT light for 15 minutes. Doctor recommended... READ MORE

8 Days Post PDT and I Have Not Started Healing Yet, Is This Normal? (photo)

I got my first photodynamic therapy with levulan and blue light 8 days ago for acne and I am concerned that something might have gone wrong because my... READ MORE

Can Levulan PDT cause eyebrow hair loss?

I am having the levulan/blue light treatment to help with all the AK's I have on my face. My eyebrow is directly on top of a larger AK. My... READ MORE

Levulan treatment. What is the correct procedure - washing your face after the treatment, before, or no washing?

I have had this treatment 6 time's. This past one they had me wash my face before going under the blue light. The outcome was not the same. .very... READ MORE

PDT with Levulan?

Just had PDT with Levulan. Levulan was applied and I incubated for 1 hour and then went under blue light for 16 min 40 sec. Today is the day after and... READ MORE

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