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Blue Light Therapy with Levulan Freckles?

I am scheduled for Bluelight therapy with levulan for my acne but I want to know will it also help with freckles and fine lines? Also, will I peel? I... READ MORE

Can PDT Be Activated by Sunlight?

I was told that I'd have great results from the levulan treatment even though it wasn't activated by the blue light. Is this true? What's the... READ MORE

ALA-pdt. activation red or blue light?

For short contact 1 hour ALA for photo rejuvenation and mild acne . which causes more erythema, peeling, crusting etc? since red goes deeper.... READ MORE

Can blue light therapy cause pigmentation?

I had blue light therapy 2 days ago to treat acne. Since the treatment I have noticed some pigmentation has appeared, particularly on my cheeks, is... READ MORE

I am scheduled to get Levulan and blue light for the 3rd year in a row due to my history of skin cancer. Any suggestions?

The last 2 were done with the levulan left on several hours and then the blue light for about 15 to 20 min. No real results, no bad sunburn, pain or... READ MORE

Is blue light therapy effective for blackheads?

I have oily skin and now at 30 have tried everythig for blackheads. Even though microdermabrasion and BHA salacylic acid helps it hasnt rid me of the... READ MORE

Is doxycyclin and blue light therapy safe at the samete Safe? (photos)

I've been struggling with hormone breakouts. I started on doxycyclin 4 weeks ago. No difference as yet but I heard it takes up to 3 months is this... READ MORE

What is the difference between blue light and red light and which is better for AK?

Can someone who is immune-supressed have blue or red light for AK? READ MORE

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and more advanced treatments for anti-ageing?

A certain female celeb posted a pic of them under a blue light and described by someone as Photodynamic therapy (PDT). Can this be used as an anti... READ MORE

I'm scheduled to have an PDT with ALA with blue light. I have a rare blood disorder, Polycythemia Vera.

I take a chemo agent (hydroxyurea) to lower cell turn over in the bone marrow. It also reduces other cell turnover. I am concerned that staff has... READ MORE

Levulan treatment. What is the correct procedure - washing your face after the treatment, before, or no washing?

I have had this treatment 6 time's. This past one they had me wash my face before going under the blue light. The outcome was not the same. .very... READ MORE

PDT with Levulan?

Just had PDT with Levulan. Levulan was applied and I incubated for 1 hour and then went under blue light for 16 min 40 sec. Today is the day after and... READ MORE

ALA-PDT 1 Hour with Blue Light?

I am skin type 3, 36 yr old male. is short incubation ALA 1 hour activated with omnlux blue cause less hyperpigmentation than with omnilux revive 633... READ MORE

Need a PDT Blu Lite Doctor on Long Island?

I am looking for a Doctor preferably Nassau county who perform PDT Blu lite treatment for Actinic-sun damaged. I am looking to have this treatment... READ MORE

Levulan Kerastick w blue light, scared!

Levulan Kerastick w blue light I am very scared with all of the reviews doing the Kerastick and blue light therapy, I don't have oily skin I have dry... READ MORE

Can PDT (Blue light therapy) fade permanent makeup or microbladed eyebrows? I don't want them to fade (Photos)

I recently got eyebrow microblading done, and and I have tattoos on other areas I wanting to get PDT for my acne, rozasia, and melasma. Can this... READ MORE

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