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Photodynamic Therapy Done Incorrectly?

I have had the Levulan with IPL treatment 3 times over the last three years. The first two times were by the same office and my face reacted the same... READ MORE

Will Redness After Photodynamic Therapy Resolve on Its Own?

I got a severe phototoxicty reaction when I had ALA Photodynamic therapy. 3 hours incubation, activated by omnilux re 633 for 10 minutes. I had... READ MORE

Is Photodynamic Therapy a Good Choice for Pore Reduction?

In 2004, I had Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) to treat acne. It dramatically reduced my pores. I now use Obagi NuDerm to keep my acne under control. My... READ MORE

Levulan Pdt Treatment How Long Do You Have to Stay out of the Sun?

I'm traveling to Nassea will it be safe? Treatment was on 4/9/2012 traveling 5/8/2012 READ MORE

How to Tell if Redness Are Scars from ALA-PDT Treatment?

I had an ALA(Aminolevulinic Acid)-PDT (Photodynamic therapy) treatment done and got a severe reaction with scabs and blisters. Some of the scabs and... READ MORE

Blackheads After Photodynamic Therapy

I am a 39 year old female. Throughout my years, I've had bouts of acne flare ups that were always treatable. I started developing acne on my back and... READ MORE

Had Levulan PDT Treatment 4/9 For Pre-Cancerous Skin on my Face, Did it Not Work?

I Had Levulan PDT Treatment April 9th for Pre Cancerous Skin on my Face. My face did turn bright red yet no peeling or blistering did occur does this... READ MORE

Reaction to the Levulan Treatment for DSAP on Arms

I had a Levulan treatment for Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP) on both my arms, and there was no reaction at all - not on the... READ MORE

How Effective is Levulan Pdt for Arms?

I had 2 previous treatments and my Doc wants me to prep my arms with Tazorac this time. Will that help make the treatment more effective? READ MORE

Will Photodynamic Therapy and IPL for Acne Result in Eyebrow Hair Loss?

I recently underwent this procedure for acne. The technician applied Levulan to my face and then exposed me to orange and blue light. Afterwards, I... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy for Acne - Carried out Correctly? No Reaction/response, No Redness and Peeling, is This Normal?

Hello, I have had photodynamic therapy performed this week. The procedure was carried out as follows:45 minutes of ALA being applied to face in 5... READ MORE

Face Redness After PDL For Rosacea?

I was diagnosed with rosacea, I had 2 PDL. I was prescribed rozex and it's been 6 weeks since I started. I was also given Doxycycline and till now... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy After Fraxel Laser?

Can I have PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) after a Fraxel and if so, when? How long do i have to wait? READ MORE

PDT and No Reaction Whatsoever?

Two days and 7 hours ago I had PDT for cystic acne. Wish I'd listened more carefully, but I believe the Levulan only incubated for 15 minutes. Then I... READ MORE

It is day four of Levulan TX and my skin is still bright red. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had levulan with blue light therapy 10 mins. My face is still as red as when when I left from my procedure on day one. My skin is peeling on my chin... READ MORE

No Peeling After PDT. Why Didn't It Work?

I had PDT done with the ALA Levulan acid on Monday it is Saturday now. I sat for one hour with the treatment and the the PA used a Limelight Laser I... READ MORE

I Now Have Very Large, Lumpy Pores & Pitted Holes All over my Nose 3 Months After PDT Therapy. Will This Improve? (photo)

(Scar Tissue?) 3 months ago i had PDT therapy on my nose. I reacted very severly from it, my eyes swelled completely shut. After 4 days it developed... READ MORE

White Bumps a Day After Being Treated with V-beam Laser and Levulan PDT?

Hello, so I just had a treatment with v-beam and levulan followed by PDT yesterday. My face was cleaned with accetone and then levulan was applied. I... READ MORE

Face Won't Tan After Blue Light with Levulan

When I was 16 (about seven years ago) I had a series of blue light with levulan treatments for moderate acne. The treatments worked well for the acne... READ MORE

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