Breast augmentation on a 21 years old at 6 months post-op: 400cc saline breast implants, dual-plane technique.

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21 years old, 6 months post-op. 460cc smooth round saline breast implants, dual-plane technique. Even though there is not much ptosis (droopiness), a dual-plane is needed to allow the bottom half of the breast to drape over the implant better. This way as the patient ages, the implant and breast will stay together, and avoid the situation where the breast tissue becomes ptotic off of the front of the implant. Her larger beginning breast size accommodates the relatively large 460cc implants very well. It is paradoxical that larger breasts can accommodate larger implants well, and smaller breasted women need to stay with smaller implants to keep the most natural look. Also note that her nipples set naturally wider apart which dictate where the implants can be placed.  As a result a cleavage is challenging to create in breasts with wide-set nipples.