Breast Implant Removal with Mastopexies

*Treatment results may vary
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This patient is 32 years old and decided to have her saline implants removed instead of having a revision surgery after two pregnancies and breast feeding. She had experieneced a mild capsular contracture as well as her own breast tissue drooping as a result of weight gain/loss from pregnancies and breast feeding. With capsular contracture the tissue surrounding the implants becomes firm and in some cases can cause the implant to "ride up" on the chest wall, resulting in the top heavy look you see here. Rather than have a full lift, scar tissue removal and new implants placed back in she opted to go ahead with the lift but forget the new implants (the risk percentage of re-developing capsular contracture sometimes increases with each additional surgery). She had full mastopexies and went from a 32 Full C to a 32 Small B.