Browlift w hairline lowering, Upper eye blepharoplasty, Lower eyelid skin pinch, Fat transfer

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In 40's, seen first for rhinoplasty to improve nasal breathing and appearance. She demonstrated age-related facial volume loss, asymmetric and heavy brows, lower face jowling, neck laxity and fullness, thinning of her lips, and she has always had a small chin. Her concerns were addressed with browlift with hairline lowering, upper blepharoplasty, and lower eyelid skin pinch. She also had a facelift, neck lift with liposuction, fat transfer from thighs to the periorbital region, cheeks, temples, and lips, and chin implant. Note that the patient started with a long forehead. The hairline was thus lowered to a more youthful and feminine position using a “trichophytic” (hairline) incision approach to the browlift.