35 year old treated for Upper eyelid hollowing

*Treatment results may vary
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35 year old woman presented with upper eyelid hollowing. She showed a younger photo of herself around age 30, which showed more fullness below her eyebrows, but above her eyelid crease. Upper eyelid fillers (Restylane) were used to replenish the volume without performing a browlift or upper blepharoplasty skin removal, since this would further hollow her eyes. Minimal swelling and minimal bruising is not uncommon. The after a full 3 years from the initial injection.  She did have a very small amount of filler on the 3 year follow up to maintain her appearance at the 3 year mark, but not to add any noticeable volume.  The goal of her treatment is to maintain the current results with follow up visits every 1 to 2 years.