Woman in her mid twenties treated for uneven size and shape

*Treatment results may vary
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This Bay Area woman, in her mid 20s, had been bothered for some years by the size and shape of her breasts. She had always wanted to increase the size of her smaller B-cup breasts, but she was also concerned with their shape, and asymmetry; that is, the appearance of her breasts, and their uneven size and shape. She talked at length with Dr. Lepore, about what might be done, with the simplest approach. After their discussions, and after she was able to try on various implant sizes, shapes, and styles, she chose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. In her case, she understood that a simple augmentation could not "correct" the fact that her left breast was lower than the right. She chose to have a subpectoral, transaxillary augmentation, with high-profile saline implants.