23-year-old woman treated with Liposuction.

*Treatment results may vary

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This 23-year-old pharmacist was embarrassed by her body shape. She had excess fullness of the flanks, which created a bulge just above her waistline. This overhang is popularly but not affectionately called a muffin top. Liposuction eliminated this bulge, making her buttocks appear more curvaceous. An abdominoplasty would have eliminated the skin laxity and stretch marks, but the patient was planning on having children, so this was deferred. Despite poor elasticity, she demonstrates good contraction of the abdominal skin, although she still has stretch marks. At the time of her postoperative appointment, her weight was 143 pounds, representing an 8½ pound weight loss, which corresponds to the weight of the fat tissue removed. This means her caloric consumption versus expenditure has remained just about even, and the difference in body shape is a true representation of the effects of liposuction without any superimposed weight gain or loss.