49-year-old woman treated with Botox.

*Treatment results may vary
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This patient was aware that she was a candidate for laser resurfacing and a facelift, but wished to defer surgery and do what she could to maintain her appearance nonsurgically for a few more years. She wanted to do something relatively simple and with a short recovery time. She is seen 6 days after Botox® Cosmetic injection to treat her forehead wrinkles, glabellar frown lines, and crow’s feet. Simultaneously, Juvéderm™ Ultra Plus was used as a filler for her lips and smile creases. This is a common treatment combination – relaxation of the upper face and filler for the lower face. In the photographs taken with her eyebrows raised (bottom, right), she has slight overelevation of the lateral brows. This can be treated with a touch-up Botox injection to "fine-tune" an exaggerated arch of the eyebrows, although this was not a concern for this particular patient.