35-year-old woman treated with Breast Augmentation.

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient was very concerned that she not be too large. She said she had always been small-breasted, even before her two pregnancies. She asked to be augmented to a full B-cup size. A month after surgery, she admitted that she should have gone a little larger. This would have given her more cleavage and less space between the breasts which looks a little unnatural. I often show these pictures to women who request a B-cup size. Usually it is better to go just a little larger to achieve a C-cup size, that provides a cleavage. The difference between a B-cup and C-cup size is that a C-cup will allow a cleavage without relying on a pushup bra. Ideally, there should be no need for a pushup bra after a breast augmentation.