Ethnic-African American Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary
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31 year old Afro-Hispanic male consulted for Ethnic Afro-Hispanic Rhinoplasty surgery. The patient was dissatisfied with his nostril width, visible hump on his nose, deep set angle (naso-frontal angle) between his eyes and large, and an undefined bulbous nasal tip. The patient wanted only subtle changes to preserve his ethnic characteristics but still have a more refined nose and tip. Performed open rhinoplasty, reducing his dorsal hump and placing a custom carved SLUPimplant™, to raise his naso- frontal angle. Performed his advanced nostril narrowing from a vertical perspective to reduce the flare and width of the nostrils. Lastly, the tip was defatted while cartilage tip grafts were placed in the tip to support, refine and reduce the bubosity of the nasal tip. The patient is 6 weeks post-op in the after photos and will continue to have tip definition and refinement over a year's time. At this point, the patient is extremely pleased with the results.