Chin Augmentation Surgery, Non-Surgical Under Eye Dermafillers

*Treatment results may vary
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Under-Eye Treatment: Chin Augmentation Surgery, Non-Surgical Under Eye Dermafillers

"Background: This 35 year old wanted to discuss Chin Augmentation surgery. She had long considered having the procedure, but was discouraged by her family because her aunt had severe complications from a similar surgery 30 years ago. She began to notice that she was pushing her jaw forward to create the outline of a more defined jaw line, becoming more self-conscience of her profile as the years went on. Thanks to the encouragement of her husband, she decided to meet with me to discuss her options. On profile and oblique views we can see the chin is slightly under-proportioned for her face. This can make the face seem a little short and sometimes make the cheeks look chubby. Her aunt had a surgery for chin augmentation called sliding genioplasty in which the jaw (mandible) bone is cut, pulled forward, and held in place with metal screws. Many surgeons and patients prefer chin implants to genioplasty surgery because placing them is a less invasive procedure. We discussed the risks and benefits of chin implants, including a small scar under the chin, and looked at Computer Imaging to see how her surgical results might appear. During the consultation, we also noticed slight hollowing under the eyes which we treated with Eye Dermafillers.” Procedure: Chin Augmentation with medium size extended anatomic chin implant, 1.0mL Restylane beneath the eyes and in the tear trough area 6 Week Follow-Up: Her eyes look less tired, her self-confidence is through the roof, and even her family that was hesitant for her to have the surgery, is raving about her results. No more faking it, she now has a beautiful profile!"