Restylane Treatment to the Eyes and Cheeks

*Treatment results may vary
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Cheek Augmentation: Restylane Treatment to the Eyes and Cheeks

"Background: This 39 year old woman noticed as she nears 40 more and more dark circles under her eyes. Working with cosmetologists and aestheticians, she was in tuned to the specifics of her face. She noticed that her cheeks had begun to lose volume, causing a diagonal fold extending from the tear trough area under her eyes to her cheek. She consulted with me about non-surgical options for rejuvenating the tear trough area under her eyes. My Assessment: This woman is obviously very attractive and with a background in cosmetics and working with aestheticians on a regular basis, her assessment of her face was exactly correct. As early as their mid 20’s, many people start to lose volume in their cheeks and under eyes; this can make the face look gaunt and older. I discussed the option of placing Restylane Dermafiller under her eyes and in her cheeks. Treatment: I placed 2 syringes of Restylane under the eyes and in the cheeks. The treatments were done over two visits, each taking about 15 minutes.