Midface Lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery

*Treatment results may vary
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This 59-year-old woman said that other people were always asking her if she was tired. She had tried facial laser treatments from another doctor in order to look more alert and refreshed but she was not satisfied with the results of these treatments. She was particularly concerned about the “fluid bags” on both cheeks which she said made her look like her mother. Suggested that the patient’s biggest cosmetic problem were the large festoons, or cheek or malar bags or malar mounds that she had. He suggested his unique resurfacing festoon elimination treatment with bilateral mid face lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid surgery or eye lifts), and bilateral eyelid ptosis surgery.. The patient had absolutely no problems after surgery and was understandably delighted that all of her concerns could be addressed in a single procedure. Now she stated she did look refreshed and alert and had achieved exactly what she was seeking. Best of all, because of her mid face lifts, the “fluid bags” were all gone