Brow lift

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This active 57-year-old male presented only because his wife insisted that she was no longer willing to be in the car when he was driving. She had noticed that he no longer seemed to see the cars to the sides of him while driving. He requested surgery on his “loose skin” to help him see better.
    The Dr. said that he would be happy to do his upper eyelids but the deep lines on his forehead imparted an angry, mean appearance and they could be softened with a forehead lift. By using an endoscopic technique, only tiny incisions on the scalp would be necessary and these would heal beautifully even on men with little hair as in this patient. The patient had the surgery on his the upper eyelids covered by his insurance, and then elected to have an endoscopic forehead lift and his lower eyelids done at the same time. As promised, the incisions were practically imperceptible, and the patient (and his wife) were ecstatic both with his improved vision and with his softer and more natural appearance.