Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary
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This young woman interested in adding definition and character to her nose. She had a mild hump that she wanted to treat and increase tip definition, she wanted to have her change the shape of nose from having small hump to having a straighter profile. Using Dermafillers are a great alternative to surgery. By adding volume to the desired areas, we can build character, refine features, and provide minimal lift to a drooping tip. I usually prefer Restylane, as it is slightly malleable and allows me to shape the filler exactly the way the patient desires.”Procedure: 1 syringe Juvederm placed to the bridge and tip. Her results are subtle but significant. The nice thing about Dermafillers with the nose is the fine control you have. I am able to stop and get feedback from the patient during the procedure. The results are immediate with very little downtime. By augmenting the bridge and tip we have achieved a straighter shape overall.