Revision Rhinoplasty with open Nasoseptal reconstruction

*Treatment results may vary
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C is an active, happy-go-lucky young woman who had undergone a rhinoplasty with another surgeon. She was very unhappy with the results. Her nasal tip was twisted and she had a significantly crooked nose after surgery. This whole experience upset and depressed C because she was a beautiful girl, she wanted a minor refinement, and now she was looking at a revision surgery. Furthermore, her twiisted nose seemed to simply draw all the attention on her face. C underwent a complex revision rhinoplasty. Her procedure took almost 5 hours. She underwwent the procedure with no problems and is shown here 3 weeks after surgery. She is LOVING her new nose and is extremely happy. She stated that even her mother-in-law who is a stickler for perfection stated that her nose is awesome!