Revision Rhinoplasty with septal perforation repair

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A is a lovely patient who unfortunately developed a septal perforation. A septal perforation is a hole through and through the middle septum of the nose. It can result from many causes including infection, trauma, etc. The septal perforation can cause nasal airway obstruction, collapse of the nose, whistling etc. A wanted her perforation fixed and wanted a narrower, more refined nose. A careful analysis of A's problems as well as the anatomy of her nose was performed. After an in-depth analysis and examination, A underwent a complex nasal reconstruction with ear cartilage and a structural PDS plate to fix the septal defect. At the same time, she underwent a rhinoplasty to refine her nose. The procedure took approximately 4 hours. She is shown here 2 weeks after surgery. Her nose is healing beautifully. She still has a significant amount of swelling, but, one can clearly see that her nose is far more refined and narrowed. Her septal perforation repair also completely worked, and A is very happy with the results.