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Background:  Her ears had always bothered her and since she was young, she felt they were too big. While her husband thought she looked perfect as she was, he supported her decision to take Used computer imaging to illustrate how she wanted her ears to appear after surgery. I was excited for her and the opportunity to fix her ears because she was such an attractive young lady and I knew she would have a great result. She already had a well-formed antihelix, but her concha was overdeveloped, pushing the ears forward. It would be important to remove some cartilage and not to over-tighten the antihelix sutures so she would have a natural result. Procedure: Otoplasty with removal of excess cartilage. Concha-mastoid sutures, bringing the ears closer to the head. 3 Month Follow-up: We achieved a natural appearing result. Her ears match her face; we were pleased with the improved symmetry.