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She wanted to make some minor refinements to her nose. Overall, she was pleased with the shape of her nose. Her two main concerns were the way her nasal hump raised and her tip dipped when she smiled, as well as a slight veering to left from a frontal view which she wanted straightened out. She has an overall good size and shape to her nose, it is well proportioned with her face. On profile there is a slight convexity or appearance of a hump to the nasal contour. When she smiles the tip of the nose dips which accentuates the dorsal curvature. On frontal view the tip is slightly full and has a small cleft in the middle. Using Computer Generated Imaging we made plans to slightly rotate the tip, straighten the contour and stop the tip from dipping when she smiles. We also wanted to make the tip smaller from the front. We discussed avoiding a ski-sloped or upturned appearance to her nose. Procedure: Open Rhinoplasty with mild reduction, refinement of nasal tip, and incision of the nasal depressor muscle 3 Month Follow Up: “The nose is healing well and we remained within her goals. On profile the nose doesn’t appear curved and doesn’t dip with smiling. On frontal view the tip is smaller but we expect it will decrease more over the upcoming months.