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Background: This 24 year old woman wanted to improve the appearance of her nose. She had no previous nasal surgeries or traumas. She was unsatisfied with her nasal appearance, on a scale of 1-10, she characterized her dissatisfaction with her nose as a 5. She explained that she would like the bridge thinner and tip more detained to match her face.  Narrow Bridge Refine tip Smooth contour path Change flatness.  Regarding this case, like most noses, she has good characteristics; the size in general is pretty good. The main issue is that her tip cartilage is not that strong. She wanted a cuter nose to match the rest of her look and personality.I narrowed the ridge and flattened the tip. The result is moderate changes with smoother contour and lines.Procedure: Open Rhinoplasty with Osteotomies to straighten nose Hump Reduction (including camouflage cartilage grafts above the hump Cartilage graft on the left side of the middle third, to treat the concavityCartilage graft to improve tip projection and help rotate the tip slightly. Recovery/Results: 'The two week results show early improvements in the contour and overall shape. It Is healing rapidly. There is still swelling which will decrease over the following 4 to 9 months.