Repair by FUE – SFET Using Head, Nape and Beard Hair

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss Level: The patient had undergone strip surgeries at another clinic years prior. He had the most severe ridging, a hairline packed densely with large plugs, and strip scars. The patient hides his disfiguring hairline by shaving the plugs and combing the hair I the frontal scalp forward.

Surgery: I performed a series of plug extractions to move the plugging, reduce the ridging and make room for planting natural follicular units in the hairline. Subsequently, the hairline was recreated using head and nape hair. The strip scar was camouflaged with beard hair.

Lessons: Extreme caution and exhaustive research is important before deciding on who performs your hair transplant. It is better to be bald than to end up with an odd look. Hair transplants once performed cannot be reversed. For instance, in this patient even if the entire plugs were successfully removed, the area would reveal the ridging and irregularity of the scarred pitted surface which cannot be reversed. He is extremely happy with his repair. He no longer has to clip his plugs or resort to creative combing or hide under hats.