FUE – SFET Using Nape and Head Hair for conservative hairline

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss Level: NW3 with thinning extending to NW5 area. The patient wanted his face framed with a conservative hairline.
Surgery: I used 3500 grafts derived from the head and nape to reinforce the entire NW5 area of hair loss. Lessons: The FUE Hair transplantation result achieved in this patient highlights the benefits of using nape hair in the creation of soft hairlines. When a hair transplant aims to produce a NW2-3, the hairline assumes signs of miniaturization. Departing from this principle risks creating an artificial looking hairline because of its harshness. Using the nape hair in the vanguard areas of the newly created hairline solves this problem. I have used this approach in selected patient with consistent results for over half a decade.  Hair transplants are completely undetectable even by the critical eyes of professional hair stylists. Hair restoration results can indeed be completely undetectable as is evident in this patient.