Repair by FUE – SFET Using Head, Nape and Beard Hair to create Hairline

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Hair Loss Level: NW4 hair loss with previous transplants at another clinic. The patient wanted an extremely conservative hairline at NW3. His main emphasis and goal is to have a very subtle thinning look. He presented to me for help knowing my experience in the use of fine nape hair for hairline work.
Surgery: I used 1200 FUE grafts derived from mostly the nape and area around the ears by SFET to create a soft thinning NW 3 look.
Lessons: The key to creating natural hair lines in hair restoration is the use of soft hair in the very front of the hairline and temples. I am able to achieve this by using his FUE hair transplantation method called SFET which enable the efficient use of nape hair in this manner. Such FUE results cannot be replicated with the follicular unit strip surgery ( FUSS ) method. Veteran hair transplant patients report that at Dermahir clinic FUE hair transplant costs is affordable by California standards.