FUE – BHT by SFET Using Head and Body Hair 3,000 graft hairline and scalp

*Treatment results may vary
25 of 2094

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Hair Loss Level: He has a history of prior FUE and BHT at another facility involving mainly the hairline, frontal scalp and crown. But he was not happy with the esthetics of the outcome. He wanted his hairline softened and the shape and direction streamlined to taste. The aim is for a subtle but evident change in the hairline. He also wanted density added to the mid scalp.
Surgery: He underwent a 3000 FUE – BHT using the SFET technique to achieve the above stated objectives. The breakdown of the donor sources were as follows: Head donor: 1293 Nape: 597 Lower abdomen and upper pubic areas: 1115
Lessons: This highlights the importance of the esthetic / artistic attributes of the facility you choose. Hair transplantation is part medical science and part art form. It also highlights the role of nape hair in the refinement of hairlines. This is something the hair transplant community has neglected since its inceptions leading to entrenched paradigms that are not always evidence based.